Speaker, Author, Singer/Songwriter and Prophetic Artist

Patty Thomas is an Evangelist, Author, Speaker, Artist, Singer/Songwriter who runs 2 annual international prayer and praise movements.  These movements involve people in over 220 countries. She has been motivating people to go to the deeper places in God for over 17 years.   
Patty Thomas - Founder ClearPatty combines real life experiences with The Word of God.  She teaches people how to connect with God on a continual basis.  A vibrant and gifted woman of God, Patty is in constant communication with Holy Spirit.  Holy Spirit Taught her unusual levels of faith, obedience, trust in Him and dependence on Him for all things.  When she uses these examples in her teachings, people really “get it,” and lives are changed. Patty brings fresh perspectives, amazing testimonies, astounding information and leaves people desiring to seek God for all their needs.   She has seen signs, wonders and miracles of many kinds.  She celebrates The Lord’s Feasts, and holds workshops about them and other topics.  She believes in moving towards holiness in our personal existence.
Worldwide Waves Of Praise Movement happens each year on Christmas Day, in your own homes and churches when your clocks strike 3pm.  This movement began in 2010 and has seen the participation of millions of people in over 220 countries.  What God Has Been Doing Iss Amazing!  We want the whole earth praising The Lord!  Please help us to get this message out and put it on your calendars for Christmas, 2017. http://www.WavesOfPraise.org


Super Bowl Prayer Party    In 2013, under The Lord’s Direction, Patty Thomas started the annual Super Bowl Prayer Party.  The Super Bowl is watched in at least 119 countries.  We pray for and do mass deliverance on the people in the stadium and those watching.  People across the world join us as we specifically pray against human trafficking worldwide.  God Has Done Great Things!  Read about them: http://www.superbowlprayerparty.com
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Author  With 12 books in print, Patty will be releasing several new titles in 2017.  She is continually researching and writing. Several books reveal The Awe, Wonder, and Incredible Precision of our God.  She teaches about the inter-connectedness of all things, and ties it together with Scriptures.
art with borderProphetic Artist A budding artist, Patty enjoys painting the visions The Lord Has Given about many things.  Each painting is an adventure with Holy Spirit.  The Scriptures and explanations Holy Spirit Has Woven into her artwork alone will leave you astounded!     http://www.pattythomas.artistwebsites.com
silver clear borderSinger/Songwriter A prolific and gifted singer/songwriter, Patty has sung moving worship songs in many places and led worship as well. 

Patty was a Controller, Financial Manager, Management Consultant and Serial Entrepreneur prior to her call into ministry. 
Ask Patty to come to your church, congregation, dinner, meeting, conference or other event.  She’ll leave you laughing, crying, awestruck at God’s Power and Grace, His Mercies, Precision and Love, and begging for more….of Him!
Contact for speaking:  patty@pattythomas.com