clear. direct. profound. joyful.

Revealing God's Precision in all things, His Awe & Wonder. Biblically-based teachings woven from ancient Judaism as they apply today, and the Work of Yeshua, and exemplified through prophetic art and music, demonstrations, skits and more. That you may fully understand Who The Lord IS, and What He Taught. Patty's walk is a life set apart, instantly obedient to the Lord, and completely laid down. Patty brings the truth of the "New Man in Christ," which we should all work at continually.

Patty Thomas has run 21 international praise and prayer movements with people from almost every nation. A prolific author, singer/songwriter and prophetic artist, Patty speaks on her "God Of Every Moment" walk and many other topics.

An avid researcher who studies God's Precision in all things, The Lord Called Patty to be "set apart" and learn the deeper things of God. She brings real world examples with stories of Heaven, the work of the angels, God's Amazing Precision and her priceless walk with The Lord. She will teach you how to "be led by Holy Spirit" and to make God a Real and Active part of your every day. A former Management Consultant and Controller, Patty brings many concrete skills to the ministry.

EVERY Christmas Day (12/25) at 3pm in Your Time Zone. Starts at 3pm at The International Date Line on Christmas Day. 24 Hours of Continual Praise, Rising to Heaven in Wave after Wave!

In the past 11 years, in almost every nation of the world, millions of people have gathered in their homes with family and friends. At precisely at 3pm in their time zone, they begin a time of praise and worship, and gratitude. He Deserves to Be Praised every day! Mark your calendars! This movement is not about making money - no items are sold! It's about Giving God, Yeshua/Jesus and Holy Spirit the love and thanksgiving in our hearts for all they are, and all they do.

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