clear. simple. profound. joyful.

Revealing His Awe & Wonder through prophetic art, music and teachings. Bringing forth the concepts and teachings of ancient Judaism as they apply to us today. That you may fully understand Who The Lord IS, and What He Taught. A life set apart, and completely laid down.

Patty Thomas, Founder has run 16 international praise and prayer movements in over 225 countries. A prolific author, singer/songwriter and prophetic artist, Patty speaks on her "God Of Every Moment" walk and many other topics.

The Lord Called Patty to be "set apart" and learn the deeper things of God. She brings real world examples with stories of countless trips to Heaven, and the innumerable Graces of our Great God.

24 Hours of Continual Praise, Rising to Heaven in Wave after Wave!

In the past 9 years, millions have gathered in their homes and churches in over 225 nations, precisely at 3pm in their time zone. He Deserves to Be Praised every day! Mark your calendars!

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ONGOING RIGHT NOW! 20 days of praise leading up to the Super Bowl Game, coupled with fervent prayers against human trafficking, domestic violence and threats of terrorism.

ONGOING RIGHT NOW! We pray against worldwide human trafficking, terrorism and domestic violence. God Has Done Great Things! 

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