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Ongoing Right Now! PRAYER WARRIORS! We’re sending people out praising God for mighty victories against human trafficking, domestic violence and threats of terrorism.

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Finding That Elusive True Love………

Most people set about finding Mr. or Ms. “Right” by going about it in all the wrong ways.  You see, we as humans have by our very nature, limited capabilities.  We cannot know another’s past, present or future, and no psychic can tell you that either.  (Psychics hear “messages” from satan’s demons.)  We cannot know the state of their health, the wounded areas that still need healing, the unfinished business of their past.  We cannot know how many partners they’ve […]

He’s All There Is! As in the Days of Noah

For 14 years I have counseled people, taking thousands of calls.  It’s been a great privilege to lead them to Jesus and show them that He Is their Healer, Savior, Deliverer and more. This has just about ended in the form I had been doing it.  This ministry has already affected the lives of people across the world in many ways.  I look forward to The Lord Opening the doors for me to travel extensively, bringing the things He’s Taught […]

Going, Going, Gone! 12 Hours – 20 Copies

Going through inventory, I discovered 20 of the 1st Edition “How To Pray For Israel” books.  They are a substantial prayer guide that will deepen your prayers. Many people want to pray for Israel, but get stuck at “I pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” When these 20 copies sell out, they will be gone forever! Order The 2nd Edition is tighter, more comprehensive, covers more topics, is filled with “Key Scriptures”, “Prayer Points” and more.  You can see […]

Going, Going, Gone! Only 20 copies left – 12 hour sale!

Going through inventory, I discovered 20 of the 1st Edition “How To Pray For Israel” books.  They are a substantial prayer guide that will deepen your prayers. Many people want to pray for Israel, but get stuck at “I pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” When these 20 copies sell out, they will be gone forever! Order   The 2nd Edition is tighter, more comprehensive, covers more topics, is filled with “Key Scriptures”, “Prayer Points” and more.  You can […]

The Blood Type of Jesus

Jesus Had an earthly mother, but a Heavenly Father.  Therefore, the question arises, what type of blood Did Jesus Have while on earth? Recently I’ve been telling the story of how  in 2005 The Lord Got me to Turin, Italy to the church where His Shroud is kept.  This came about, because He Told me that the Garden Tomb is the 2nd place He Wants me to visit when I get to Israel.  He Asked, “How did the napkin get […]

It’s a TEST, it’s only a Test!

Well, hey. I just came from the local courthouse in this sleepy country town, where I applied for my passport. There were troopers hiding behind skinny trees. They were doubled up – local and state I guess. I entered the building and the guard inside told me get in and get away from the windows. He was a bit frantic. HE SAID “THERE’S A GUY OUTSIDE WITH A RIFLE”. I called upon The Lord To Take Charge and Send contingents […]

Please pray for me.

Please pray for me. They expect the temp to be 95 but feel like 100 with the humidity. My body’s not handling this heat. I feel awful. Last nt The Lord got me out of the heat in a safe place. Tonight I don’t know. Can’t pull car and trailer much longer – brakes, tires, transmission and a/c problems-.9 years old and 103,000 miles.   Need a home, offices and staff.  12 books in print, 13th underway, 40+ in progress.  […]

STILL In Shock.

PASTORS? ELDERS? PROPHETS? EVANGELISTS? THIS IS A TRUE STORY THAT HAPPENED TODAY. There I was, asking a lady if she prays for Israel. “Israel. What’s “Israel?” Do you go to church? Yes. Do you read your Bible? Yes. But I don’t know what “Israel” is. The lady was in her fifties. The Lord Had to Show me what a general lack of knowledge and teachings there has been in the church about Israel. CHURCH???? PASTORS???? THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION BEGAN IN […]

The Lord Has a Plan!

Just this morning, The Lord Gave me the “go ahead” to start making plans for my first trip to Israel.  The last few years of my life have been laid down before Him, lived on a moment by moment basis, one step at a time. I’ve been through incredible hardships meant to strip the flesh, the ego, the carnal man from me; meant to cause me to “be in the world but not of it.”  I walk more in Holy […]

Pastors – Be Careful!

As I was writing the last post, I suddenly couldn’t think of the word “honorarium.”  My mind kept going blank.  Every time it seemed to flit through my tired brain…..poof!  It was gone again.  Blaaaahhh.  Holy Spirit Was so Clearly Present and Helping.  I was given the idea to do a search on what traveling evangelists, teachers and preachers got paid, to look for that elusive word.  Anyway, this article “jumped” out at me as I scanned the search. Maybe, […]


All too often I hear of people who are chasing the prophetic. They want a prophetic message, want to be prophetic, and so they take classes. Or, they go to a “prophetic activation” event. NO! NO! NO! NO! To ALL OF THE ABOVE! Holy Spirit Gives the Gifts, and you need not that any man teach you! You open the doors to the OCCULT!

Treason: Aiding and Abetting The Enemy

Someone has been deleting my posts. Truth is truth.

» The Purim Code That Will Blow Your Mind

WOW WOW WOW! I do not follow Kabbalah.  I study God’s Precision.  THIS IS a Prime Example of God’s Precision! » The Purim Code That Will Blow Your Mind. God Always Takes Care of the enemies of the Jewish people. Please pray for Israel, and the people of the Ukraine and Crimea. We have entered Purim.  The vote in Crimea is hours away, and still within Purim.

The Pledge Of Allegiance – How Far We’ve Fallen!

As you listen, compare what Red Skelton is saying about our country to the way that it is today. I used to love Red Skelton and watched his tv show when I was a young girl. I admired the fact that he could make me laugh without cursing, swearing, blaspheming God or getting raunchy. Then, one day, I found out he had been a member of the masons – the masonic lodge. Another hero fallen. It just goes to show […]

Israel Is Bringing Power and Light To Africa

Read this article, that talks of getting around those who sell solar power at a high price in Africa.  An Israeli company has devised a way that people can order solar power by cell phone. Then, look at this link about bringing light and electricity to Africa! GO ISRAEL! Israel NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS! NOW! This book is not about me.  It was Given THRU me through great sacrifice by The Lord in a continual working relationship with Holy […]

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What are you doing – like now????

The Oscars program is just starting.  Would you join with me doing PRAYERS AND DELIVERANCE? Here’s another gathering of Hollywood’s “elite” – all in one place. That represents a PRIME TIME for mass deliverance. Idolatry Sexual Sins Anger, Contentiousness, Bitterness, Rage Alcohol, Drug, Nicotine & Drug Addictions Keep going. Go to this page for instructions: Put on your Full Armor of God (4) Read the instructions for casting out demons, devils etc. (1) Use the lists to identify what […]

Disney World stops supporting Boy Scouts over LGBT discrimination –

Disney World stops supporting Boy Scouts over LGBT discrimination –


FINALLY!  You are going to want this guide which covers the underlying issues of Sochi and the Olympics. We are just ONE DAY away from the Closing Ceremony.  Two significant events happened on Feb 23rd, in Russian history, and so this Sunday’s Closing Ceremony lands on an anniversary date.  One of the events involved over half a million people being shipped by train into the northern parts of Russia against their wills.  Many died.  It was another ethnic cleansing and […]


Oh, there is war in the Heavenlies!  The Islamist extremists are praying for an earthquake in Sochi! ARE YOU WITH US???? EVERY MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD TO THE BATTLE FRONT! OKAY, PRAY! Olympics-Islamist group calls for prayers for earthquake in Sochi – Print Version:  and Amazon’s Kindle Version: Barnes & Noble’s Nook Version: Working on the other versions now!  Sleep!  The girl needs sleep!

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Church Worships In The Nude????

I thought I’d heard just about everything.  Let’s go back to the basics.  What Would Jesus Do? HE WAS/IS HOLY.  He NEVER Committed one sin. He IS SO HOLY that one cannot stand in His Presence. Your knees buckle underneath you and sometimes you don’t even feel your legs anymore.  You don’t have the strength to even stand. Jesus Was all about OBEDIENCE, HOLINESS, RIGHTEOUSNESS. He IS our EXAMPLE! If it’s good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for us! […]

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UN Pushing Worldwide Socialism – One World Govt.

Are YOU ready? Have you forgiven EVERY person? Have you released every grudge? Time is growing continually shorter……. The United Nations is pushing towards equalizing incomes by taking from some and giving to others.  See the latest: Helen Clark is the former Prime Minister of New Zealand.  She is liberal and pro-abortion and “women’s rights.”  Her name is often spoken of as the next head of the United Nations.  Prayer Warriors???

The Lord’s Word: Dangers for Sochi Olympics

Several days ago, The Lord Asked me to alert people to pray for the safety of those attending the Sochi Olympics.  Now, the news media is broadcasting different threats every day. PLEASE PUT THE SERMONS ASIDE FOR THIS SUNDAY’S SERVICES! PLEASE ASK YOUR CONGREGATION TO STAND TOGETHER  AS THE BODY OF CHRIST IN PRAYERS! What are we?  How can we call ourselves followers of Christ, if we know what to do and don’t do it? Why are people sitting in […]

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Who Is Patty?

So, Who Is Patty Thomas? And, Why Haven’t We Heard About Her? Patty is one of the “hidden ones,” that The Lord Has Quietly Been Training in the background.  She’s been “saved” for “such a time as this,” immediately preceding the Second Coming of The Lord.  You see, the church isn’t working the way it should.  We are in times of great apostasy, with thousands upon thousands refusing to attend churches.  Why?  The pastors, staff and the congregation are all […]

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The Ordered Universe

A few years ago The Lord Revealed some startling things to me about His Order and Precision in the universe. These revelations will be in this blog, as well as in books and movies. Check back often, and sign up to follow this blog and our newsletters.  God IS FASCINATING!  Everything He’s Done, Is ALWAYS in absolute mathematical precision.  Nothing is out of place. Did you know that all the planets travel in a counter-clockwise motion around the sun? That’s […]

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