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Rabbi Yeshua

This is what The Miracles Of Jesus Ministry teaches: The Jewishness of Rabbi Yeshua, Whom Christians call Jesus Christ. Jesus is the name given to Him in the Greek language. It’s not His real Name. Back in 2003 when He Moved me to Tennessee, I started studying many aspects of Judaism. I’m not advocating that you join Judaism. I can tell you that when we started observing the Friday night Sabbath, He Showed up. Sometimes, no one could speak. His […]

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Do Any Of These Describe You?

You believe in Jesus, right?  You believe His Death Provided you with an Atonement for your sins?  Did you realize there is a strong requirement for sins to be forgiven?   So many today are: Carnal Christians – feeding the flesh with the lusts of the eyes, lusts of the heart and the pride of life. Backslidden Christians – they don’t bother to go to church anymore, don’t read their Bibles or pray daily.  They act as if they don’t need […]

Bible Codes Shows Missing Malaysian Plane!

You might have to listen to this video several times to pick up everything Rabbi Glazerson is saying.  These Bible Codes come from the Book of Exodus, which is prophetic in itself! With a little research, here are some of the words he’s found: ha’matos = the plane ha’malasi = the Malaysian shenalim = missing gannab = stealer (thief) ganab = to get by stealing aken = surely “Surely it was stolen” The date is the 2nd Adar 6 in […]

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Where Is The Ark Of The Covenant?

There have been many people who have stepped forward in recent years stating that they know the location of the Ark of The Covenant.  One such location is under the The Temple Mount (Dome of the Rock) itself. Another believes it is hidden in the caves and tunnels underneath Golgotha, where Jesus Was Cruficied.  Yet others believe it was carried off by King Solomon’s son to Ethiopia. So, where is it?  Here’s another twist on the story.  Won’t it be […]

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Lebanon Fires Rockets At Israel

Just this past week, Israel was attacked by the peoples of the Gaza Strip – again.  The Iron Dome defense system protected the peoples of Israel, who responded in kind.  Now, for the first time in quite awhile, Lebanon has sent rockets into northern Israel.  One Israeli soldier had died from gunshot wounds near the Israel/Lebanon border.  This is not a good sign.  It shows an escalation of war, and a taunting of Israel.  More, Iran is close to having […]

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The Bible

In this section we will look at some of the amazing examples of God’s Precision in The Word of God. As you read these things, your eyes, hearts and minds will be opened to see the amazing depths and breadths of The Bible.

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