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Who’s Been Driving Your Vehicle?

The world teaches us to be strong and independent, free-thinkers and to gain knowledge and wisdom through education and life experiences.  God Tells us to come to Him as an innocent child, simply putting our life and trust in Him.  Sooner or later, you get tired of the results of your choices and learn to be Holy Spirit Led. Imagine yourself, for a moment, as a toddler in all their innocence and sweetness, putting your hand in His. Remember, humans […]

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I’ve Seen His Angel Armies….many times.

Oh, what a privilege.  So many times now, I’ve seen The Lord on His White Horse, followed by His Angel Armies POUR out of the Heavens to assist somewhere.  The first time, was after Hurricane Katrina.  “First comes Judgment, then comes Mercies,” He Said. Recently, I saw them pour out of the Heavens while I was parked in my car at night.  I was all alone at a church.  Suddenly, a vision opened, and I saw The Lord and the […]

I Am…not Alone. You aren’t – either!

[youtube] I would never have survived this long or gotten this far without my Precious Savior, and His Holy Spirit. My Father Who Is such LOVE that He Is Incomprehensible. All 12 of my published books were written during the last 6 years of uncertainty, yet one thing was certain. I was not alone. Add to that 3 international prayer and praise movements, over 40 books underway and much more. It is a walk meant to humble, strip you […]

127, 127, 127!

127, 127, 127! The Lord Had me closeted with Him in tiny quarters earlier this year for 127 days. During that time, I researched and wrote 4 books, ran 2 international prayer movements and did 5 radio shows. I also set up a store front for the ministry products, and designed book covers for dozens of new books that are in the hopper. There were other things completed as well. Everything God Does, Is PRECISION. There are an infinite number […]

Boots On The Ground!

Boots on the ground! Soldiers for Christ! Fighting the enemy in his own territory! Taking back ground and souls for Christ! Watching The Lord’s Hand DELIVER people out of hell through fervent intercession, and LINE hell with the very demons that have been causing so much trouble!  YOWSER!  LET’S GO! When I look at the mountain of work here, I know I cannot do it all alone. 4 websites, a new ministry store underway, 4 blogs, various social networks, and […]

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Are you a GEEP?

Recently a hybrid animal was born in England.  It’s called a “geep.”  It’s part goat, and part sheep.  It has both a wooly coat and hairy legs and head.  It also has horns. Don’t think this is a mistake.  It’s a very symbolic and prophetic statement of these times.  The farmer who owns the geep stated that he witnessed a goat mating with a sheep.  This too, is symbolic and prophetic.  Think about this! Matthew 25:28-34 Take therefore the talent from […]

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Shabbat Shalom! The Aaronic Priestly Blessing over you!

I pray The Lord Bless you and Keep you and Make His Face to Shine upon you and Be Gracious unto you.  May He Grant you His Peace. Numbers 6:24–26 May the LORD (YHWH) bless you and guard you – יְבָרֶכְךָ יהוה, וְיִשְׁמְרֶךָ (“Yebhārēkh-khā Adhōnāy weyishmerēkhā …) May the LORD make His face shed light upon you and be gracious unto you – יָאֵר יהוה פָּנָיו אֵלֶיךָ, וִיחֻנֶּךָּ (“Yāʾēr Adhōnāy pānāw ēlekhā wiḥunnékkā …) May the LORD lift up His […]

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Have you bruised a blooming rose?

If you even bruise the petals, they wilt and die. So many never come to full bloom because they’ve been “nipped in the bud.” Or, so emotionally damaged by the actions of others that their lives are interrupted, set back, and their dreams destroyed.  Words are powerful; actions even more so. The effects are often far reaching, resulting in and including suicide, destruction of the families, loss of work, loss of hope, severe depression, homelessness and resulting health problems.  So […]

Pastors – Be Careful!

As I was writing the last post, I suddenly couldn’t think of the word “honorarium.”  My mind kept going blank.  Every time it seemed to flit through my tired brain…..poof!  It was gone again.  Blaaaahhh.  Holy Spirit Was so Clearly Present and Helping.  I was given the idea to do a search on what traveling evangelists, teachers and preachers got paid, to look for that elusive word.  Anyway, this article “jumped” out at me as I scanned the search. Maybe, […]

Patty Thomas Radio Interview March 9th – Messianic Lamb Radio

Patty will be taping another radio interview on Sunday, 3/2/2014 for Messianic Lamb Radio.  It will be aired on Sunday, March 9th at 7pm.  Look for further announcements.   So much has been happening!  No matter how prepared I tried to be for the last interview, I got off on the wrong foot and tripped on my tongue when asked to describe myself and the ministry to the listening audience. So, I put together this information which will also help […]

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Patty Thomas Interview on Hebrew Nation’s Cuppa Shebrews radio show

If you missed hearing Patty speak on the Cuppa Shebrews radio show, check this out!  You can download the podcast for a limited time.

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Let’s Go Go…..Radio!

Let’s Go, Go……RADIO!  I will be on the “Cuppa Shebrews” radio program this Wednesday, February 26th from 11am to 12am cst. We’ll be talking about many things, including the book “How To Pray For Israel.”  My walk is quite unusual, having been set apart and led by Holy Spirit for many years.  It’s been a tough walk, but the things He’s Taught me are PRICELESS! Normally the book costs $29.99, but for this show and a couple of days afterward, […]

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Don’t Delay!

There are those people who hear a Word from God or know they have a call on their lives, and yet don’t act on it. What they don’t understand is God’s Precision Timing. When God Asks you to do something, or you feel a nudging or prompting of Holy Spirit – drop what you are doing and do what He’s Asking you to do. That’s blind obedience, and obedience is better than sacrifice. ONE MOMENT of delay is disobedience. King […]

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Saved Again. The Lord JEALOUSLY Guards me.

TESTIMONY!!!! PRAISE THE LORD! This morning He Told me to check the news that there was something I needed to see. Wow. I am humbled yet again. The church where I had been parked and sleeping in my car – windows open – TRUSTING THE LORD to Keep me safe, was just across the street from a “nice” apartment complex where there was a shooting last night. Oh, and also right off of the exit ramp where there was a […]

Is Your City Spiritually Dead?

Seeing this graphic, it is no wonder to me now, WHY The Lord Moved me from the Albany, Schenectady, Troy region of upstate New York to Nashville, TN 10 years ago. I didn’t understand it at the time, and it caused deep, deep depression and excruciating pain.  In so doing, I had to leave my two grown daughters, and my eldest grandchild at the time.  I also left the only home I’d ever owned .  As a single mom, it […]

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Dying Grandmother’s Mystery Code

I love this. I love how God Works with each person on an individual basis.  Everyone has their little tips or tricks for memorizing things. l like doing unique things. I have 11 grandchildren and another on the way, This article makes me think that I should team up with Holy Spirit and look for a way to leave something really special behind when I leave this earth. This grandma kept her family guessing for 20 years after her passing. […]

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Who Is Patty?

So, Who Is Patty Thomas? And, Why Haven’t We Heard About Her? Patty is one of the “hidden ones,” that The Lord Has Quietly Been Training in the background.  She’s been “saved” for “such a time as this,” immediately preceding the Second Coming of The Lord.  You see, the church isn’t working the way it should.  We are in times of great apostasy, with thousands upon thousands refusing to attend churches.  Why?  The pastors, staff and the congregation are all […]

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2013 Superbowl – Lights Out! & Sex Trafficking

There are “naysayers’ on the internet, that are writing that human trafficking and sex trafficking at Superbowls is a hoax.  Yet, already the state of New Jersey is working with multiple agencies to prevent prostitution and kidnappings in and around Superbowl 2014.  Even the state of Arizona has already geared up efforts to protect people for the 2015 Superbowl. Here is a report that followed the 2013 Superbowl that verifies some of the activity actually caught: One thing that […]

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America – FROZEN In Time

The weather forecasters said that this was an arctic storm that rotates in a counter-clockwise motion.  Counter-clockwise is indicative of God’s Hand in this.  He Showed me sometime last year, that counter-clockwise is the Way He Does things.  For instance, Hebrew is read from right to left.  We are on earth which is satan’s domain.  Our clock goes in clockwise motion.  Therefore, the storm that is blanketing and affecting almost the entire US – is God’s Freezing of everything – […]

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Confirming Words From Kenya!

This morning I received a WORD all the way from Kenya, in fact 2 different Words from 2 different people that I’ve never met.  One was the first time I’d had contact with them. God CONFIRMED the things He’s Told me for over 14 years – through Scripture!  It’s no wonder I’m under so much attack……satan’s been trying to take my life for many years and prevent the work that I am called to do.  We have to KNOW who […]

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TESTIMONY: Healed of Fibromyalgia

TESTIMONY:  Fibromyalgia is a debilitating illness.  Aches and pains all over the body, similar to those you get with flu and fevers.  So much so, that at times it’s hard to concentrate as everything hurts.  Following a car accident in 2005, MRI’s, various pain killers and muscle relaxants, and more, I was diagnosed by several doctors with fibromyalgia.  They’d touch the trigger points in the picture, and I’d flinch and cry out in pain.  With it comes severe exhaustion, such […]

TESTIMONY: Healed from effects of MRI’s.

TESTIMONY:  Not everything that man’s medicine does is good for us. In 2005 I was in a car accident.   I had a series of MRI’s (magnetic resonance imaging.) In 2011-2012, I had been praying that The Lord Heal me as I was dealing with many health issues.  He Stepped into the room one day, and Laid His Hands Over the top of my head.  A feeling like “warm honey” enveloped me from the top of my head all the way […]

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Everything in me now KNOWS….

Everything in me now KNOWS…. We are heading into THE FINAL PREPARATIONS for our Soon Coming King. Last night, in His Presence and the company of His angels, He Imparted things to me.  He Gave Direction for coming weeks and months.  He Is Putting things in place and Sending people to help me become situated to finish the work He’s Given me.   All of the puzzle pieces are now falling in place on this earth.  193 nations voted against Israel.  […]

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The Journey – Walking With Christ

I used to walk in the ways of the world.   Gradually, The Lord Has Brought me out of that into a whole new way of being. I went back to school mid-life with 3 children and no child support. After finishing 2 years full-time studies, working as many as 3 jobs.  I went on for an MBA. 3 courses from completion, the monies ran out. I went on to become a Controller, Financial Manager and Management Consultant. I had a […]

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The Presence Of The Lord

There is a place in Darmstadt, Germany that is truly worth traveling for.  I heard about it many years ago.  I used to keep Christian tv playing in the background at my former home.  One day, as I was walking through I heard Benny Hinn say that of all the places he’s been, the place where he felt The Lord’s Presence the most, was at Kanaan in Darmstadt. The city was destroyed by a US Air Raid – on 9/11/1946.  […]

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Thoughts From Patty

From time to time, The Lord Places something on my heart and mind that He Wants Shared. Come along on this journey with me!

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