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Idolatrous Pagan Statues: Revealing God’s Truths!

If you look at the books I’ve published and written, you’ll see that one of the reasons The Lord Set me apart is to Teach me of the falsity in the world and in the church.  I’m called to separate the real from the unreal, and to expose the false teachings.  Sometimes He Takes me so deeply into those teachings that I can be “astonished” for days – and often overwhelmed with tears when I see the lies satan has […]

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Are You Taking The Insulin Drug Humulin? Frankie Says NO!

This afternoon, after having done a radio interview, The Lord Holy Spirit Asked me to research  “RECOMBINANT DNA.” YOU need to know what this is, and how it affects you. Lest you become like “Frankie!” Humulin is a drug that is a “biosynthetic insulin.” WHAT’S THAT?? Exactly.  It if formed from recombinant DNA. WHAT’S THAT?? Basically, it’s taking a selected piece of DNA from one living thing, and inserting into another.  The host DNA has been cut, so that the […]

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No way, no how would I ever attend a “prophetic activation.”  These are NOT of God!  “Activations” are something that is done in Egyptian mysticism, and opens the being for further demonic infiltration.  That is the culture of death, not life!  This is along the lines of “balancing chakras” which also opens the being for infiltration.  This,  together with the practice of yoga, comes directly out of the Hindu Vedas, their “bible.”  It should be avoided by every true Christian. […]

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UNDOING THE WORKS OF THE DEVIL: Chain Mail, Gambling & Lotteries

Did you know that chain mail is witchcraft?  Where is something like this in the Bible? “If you do this…(fwd the mail) you will get blessings” – that’s works that God Did NOT Ordain.  We receive by faith not by works.   When something is opposite of God’s Ways it is considered witchcraft.  It causes people to put their faith in “winning,” and in things instead of in God. It sets people up for false expectations and is a form of […]

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This comes up over and over again.  This is NOT from God, but from the demonic.  Where in The Bible Does Jesus Manifest jewels?  Fish and bread yes, to feed the hungry.  A coin in the fishes’ mouth, yes.  But no jewels. The church today is pursuing the supernatural in unprecedented ways. They are getting the supernatural, but it’s not of God.  He Doesn’t Want people focused on things of this earth, but on Him and the things of Heaven! […]

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