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For Our Friends in Israel – Tent of Mercies

Tent of Mercies As I was praying for Israel today, The Lord Gave me this message for the peoples of Israel.  I saw a vision of Him Holding Open the door of a large white tent.  He Called it “The Tents of Mercy.” “I Am Opening up the Tent of Mercies for My people.  They are to come in under the Shelter of My Wing Where I Will Protect them and Succour them.  Tell them this.” Psalm 17:8-9 8 Keep me […]

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127, 127, 127!

127, 127, 127! The Lord Had me closeted with Him in tiny quarters earlier this year for 127 days. During that time, I researched and wrote 4 books, ran 2 international prayer movements and did 5 radio shows. I also set up a store front for the ministry products, and designed book covers for dozens of new books that are in the hopper. There were other things completed as well. Everything God Does, Is PRECISION. There are an infinite number […]

Have you bruised a blooming rose?

If you even bruise the petals, they wilt and die. So many never come to full bloom because they’ve been “nipped in the bud.” Or, so emotionally damaged by the actions of others that their lives are interrupted, set back, and their dreams destroyed.  Words are powerful; actions even more so. The effects are often far reaching, resulting in and including suicide, destruction of the families, loss of work, loss of hope, severe depression, homelessness and resulting health problems.  So […]

Coming Headlines: Putin Invades Alaska!

Think this is “far fetched?”  Think again.  The article linked below will show you how very real this is.  There are reasons why our leadership has had a “stand down” approach to what is happening in the Crimea and Ukraine.  That’s because they are all working together.  You see, they are all 33rd degree masons – of the masonic lodges.  At the 33rd degree, they OPENLY worship lucifer.  That’s right.  So what does this mean?  Their plans are to institute […]

Treason: Aiding and Abetting The Enemy

We’re at an unprecedented time in human history.  We can look at the world’s current opinion of this country, and know that it isn’t good.  We are decried, laughed at and scorned.  Our most venerable enemies China, Russia and Iran, know that our military strength and our influence on the world stage has severely decreased.  We have to ask WHY?  Why is this once great nation floundering like a fish left dying on the bank?   I tell you, it’s because […]

The Lord: “Iran Is About To Know My Fist!”

I am praying for Israel at this hour.  What concerns me is that this weekend is the Feast of Purim, from the great victory that happened in the Book of Esther.  Haman was an Amalekite.  Amalek was the grandson of Esau, and carried hatred in his heart and soul towards the Israelites. Haman sought to completely annihilate the entire Jewish race, but was defeated and put to death along with his ten sons.  This took place in Persia, which is […]

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Dream of Massive Destruction In America

Two nights ago The Lord Woke me with 3 dreams.   I have been a prophetic dreamer for as long as I can remember, and I’ve seen those dreams come to pass too many times to ignore.   I will speak of one of them now.   What is written here is a combination of the dream and what The Lord Imparted to me, once I was able to settle down and write of it. His Words are quoted in red. […]

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HE’S COMING! And He’ll Wait for NO Man.

We are entering the final countdown, where every moment left on earth is precious. How we use them will make all the difference. Have we hurt or injured others with our words and actions? Make it right. Have we altered the course of another’s life for the good or for the bad? Make it right. Have we stolen something? Make it right. Have we ignored the Sabbath rest? Make it right. Have we reached out to people in Yeshua/Jesus’ Name? […]

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Why Does The Lord Speak Against Pigs?

I asked The Lord WHY He Is Against pigs (and therefore bacon.)  “It’s because they eat their own.” He Said.  I as a child visiting a farm owned by friends of the family, and seeing the little piglets.  I remember hearing that the mother ate her own babies.  No wonder The Lord Speaks against pigs.  Now, He Does Say that we should not hold anyone accountable because of the things they choose to eat.  That it’s not what goes in […]

Woo Hoo! This book is being persecuted for its content! Sochi Olympics Prayer Guide!

Amazingly, The Lord Had me publish this book twice!  One, to be listed under “prayer books,” and the other, to be listed under “sports-Olympics.” Last night I got an email that they removed the first one from Amazon and other sales channels!   I am sure it has to do with the teaching of the paganism of the Olympics, and of teaching deliverance!  I told you I’ve been being buffeted very strongly.  Right now, there is still the 2nd guide, a […]

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Oh, there is war in the Heavenlies!  The Islamist extremists are praying for an earthquake in Sochi! ARE YOU WITH US???? EVERY MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD TO THE BATTLE FRONT! OKAY, PRAY! Olympics-Islamist group calls for prayers for earthquake in Sochi – Print Version:  and Amazon’s Kindle Version: Barnes & Noble’s Nook Version: Working on the other versions now!  Sleep!  The girl needs sleep!

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Kidnapping Threats in Sochi Olympics

Every day there are more threats.  Please pray! [youtube] BOOK AVAILABLE – click these direct links to the products Print Version:  and Amazon’s Kindle Version: Barnes & Noble’s Nook Version: Working on the other versions now!  Sleep!  The girl needs sleep!

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THREATS For Sochi….Very Real! Need YOUR Prayers! Videos!

The Sochi Olympics are not on our back door step.  Many feel removed from them as if that should not be the focus of their time and prayer efforts.  Just because Sochi is many time zones away, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to pray. God IS Listening! Every prayer added, is one more blanket of prayer covering added. The importance, the efficacy and the mechanisms of prayer coverings and prayer shields are all explained in the prayer guide for […]

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satan has buffeted me much BUT…Sochi OLYMPICS Prayer Guide NOW on Amazon!

OVER 200 PAGES, NEATLY ORGANIZED AND USER FRIENDLY! Order the ebook, electronic edition at Amazon’s Kindle for $4.99 Most readers, such as IPad and NOOK have an app available so you can read the Kindle files. Printed copy will be on Amazon within the next day of so, at $9.99. THIS BOOK WILL STILL BE RELEVANT FOR: THE OLYMPICS IN SOCHI &  ANYWHERE THE PARAOLYMPICS IN SOCHI, THE WORLD CUP SOCCER TOURNAMENT, THE G8 SUMMIT IN SOCHI, GRAND PRIX […]

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Sochi Olympics Prayer Guide! WORD FROM THE LORD!

SOCHI PRAYER GUIDE NOW AVAILABLE! This guide written under a Burden From The Lord – there is danger of multiple explosions and massive deaths. I’ve worked nearly round the clock to get this done. It gives you specifics and background, prayer points and Scriptures, history and more! SOCHI OLYMPICS PRAYER GUIDE A couple of weeks ago, The Lord Gave a Word regarding the Sochi Olympics.  He Said there was great danger of massive and multiple explosions in and around Sochi.  […]

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The Lord Has Told me to begin praying over two places and two events: 1) Eastern India, Indonesia, Sumatra, Sri Lanka – “Very large earthquake coming with possible tsunami.  Whole islands may be lost.” 2) Sonoma, California – “SONOMA – watch for this. That’s all I’m Going to Say. There will be a problem there. It will mark a change of tide for California.” 3) Super Bowl – “Assemble a team of prayer warriors.  Pray against terrorist  attacks and human […]

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2013 Superbowl – Lights Out! & Sex Trafficking

There are “naysayers’ on the internet, that are writing that human trafficking and sex trafficking at Superbowls is a hoax.  Yet, already the state of New Jersey is working with multiple agencies to prevent prostitution and kidnappings in and around Superbowl 2014.  Even the state of Arizona has already geared up efforts to protect people for the 2015 Superbowl. Here is a report that followed the 2013 Superbowl that verifies some of the activity actually caught: One thing that […]

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America – FROZEN In Time

The weather forecasters said that this was an arctic storm that rotates in a counter-clockwise motion.  Counter-clockwise is indicative of God’s Hand in this.  He Showed me sometime last year, that counter-clockwise is the Way He Does things.  For instance, Hebrew is read from right to left.  We are on earth which is satan’s domain.  Our clock goes in clockwise motion.  Therefore, the storm that is blanketing and affecting almost the entire US – is God’s Freezing of everything – […]

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Word From The Lord For Kenya

MESSAGE FOR KENYA FROM THE LORD: After spending 2.5 hours with The Lord this morning, this came clearly: “Do Not Fear, Saith The Lord, for I Will Keep you and Protect you. There is much unrest in Kenya these days, civil and otherwise. It is because I Am Sorting the chaff from the wheat and Separating the real from the unreal. Those who will follow Me, and those who will follow their own neediness and selfish desires. Much change will […]

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This comes up over and over again.  This is NOT from God, but from the demonic.  Where in The Bible Does Jesus Manifest jewels?  Fish and bread yes, to feed the hungry.  A coin in the fishes’ mouth, yes.  But no jewels. The church today is pursuing the supernatural in unprecedented ways. They are getting the supernatural, but it’s not of God.  He Doesn’t Want people focused on things of this earth, but on Him and the things of Heaven! […]

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