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Please share and help spread the word!

We’re trying to get people in across the world in all 24 time zones to participate in this year’s 5th “Waves Of Praise” on Christmas Day at 3pm.  Hoping that you will share this event with as many of your social networks and email lists as possible.  No monies are being raised to do this.  Last year, people from 120+ countries participated.  This year there’s some added “extras!”  Very soon there will be some freedownloadable booklets filled with ideas, Scriptures […]

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Boots On The Ground!

Boots on the ground! Soldiers for Christ! Fighting the enemy in his own territory! Taking back ground and souls for Christ! Watching The Lord’s Hand DELIVER people out of hell through fervent intercession, and LINE hell with the very demons that have been causing so much trouble!  YOWSER!  LET’S GO! When I look at the mountain of work here, I know I cannot do it all alone. 4 websites, a new ministry store underway, 4 blogs, various social networks, and […]

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Disasters Strike America When It Pressures Israel…This Link Will Shock You

» Does Disaster Strike America When It Pressures Israel…This Link Will Shock You. I have a book in the works called “The Ninevah Call” that not only speaks of God’s Precision as mentioned in the article…but takes it to the next steps.  Similar to “The Harbinger” by Jonathan Cahn (we’ve spoken,) this book will amaze and astound you! Meanwhile, PRAY FOR ISRAEL! The book “How To Pray For Israel” was written during a year long burden from The Lord.  He […]

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Patty Thomas Radio Interview March 9th – Messianic Lamb Radio

Patty will be taping another radio interview on Sunday, 3/2/2014 for Messianic Lamb Radio.  It will be aired on Sunday, March 9th at 7pm.  Look for further announcements.   So much has been happening!  No matter how prepared I tried to be for the last interview, I got off on the wrong foot and tripped on my tongue when asked to describe myself and the ministry to the listening audience. So, I put together this information which will also help […]

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Patty Thomas Interview on Hebrew Nation’s Cuppa Shebrews radio show

If you missed hearing Patty speak on the Cuppa Shebrews radio show, check this out!  You can download the podcast for a limited time.

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Let’s Go Go…..Radio!

Let’s Go, Go……RADIO!  I will be on the “Cuppa Shebrews” radio program this Wednesday, February 26th from 11am to 12am cst. We’ll be talking about many things, including the book “How To Pray For Israel.”  My walk is quite unusual, having been set apart and led by Holy Spirit for many years.  It’s been a tough walk, but the things He’s Taught me are PRICELESS! Normally the book costs $29.99, but for this show and a couple of days afterward, […]

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