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Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

She’s crazy!  No, she’s grief-stricken.  He’s off his rocker!  No, he’s been blamed for things he didn’t do. She can’t seem to get it together!  She’s been brutally abused by many. He’s lost it!  Everyone he thought he could trust has betrayed him. Why can’t she trust anyone?  She’s been left holding the bag while others went off and did “their thing.” He can’t seem to focus for very long.  It’s the pain he endures from losing his children. She’s […]

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Who’s Been Driving Your Vehicle?

The world teaches us to be strong and independent, free-thinkers and to gain knowledge and wisdom through education and life experiences.  God Tells us to come to Him as an innocent child, simply putting our life and trust in Him.  Sooner or later, you get tired of the results of your choices and learn to be Holy Spirit Led. Imagine yourself, for a moment, as a toddler in all their innocence and sweetness, putting your hand in His. Remember, humans […]

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I’ve Seen His Angel Armies….many times.

Oh, what a privilege.  So many times now, I’ve seen The Lord on His White Horse, followed by His Angel Armies POUR out of the Heavens to assist somewhere.  The first time, was after Hurricane Katrina.  “First comes Judgment, then comes Mercies,” He Said. Recently, I saw them pour out of the Heavens while I was parked in my car at night.  I was all alone at a church.  Suddenly, a vision opened, and I saw The Lord and the […]

I Am…not Alone. You aren’t – either!

[youtube] I would never have survived this long or gotten this far without my Precious Savior, and His Holy Spirit. My Father Who Is such LOVE that He Is Incomprehensible. All 12 of my published books were written during the last 6 years of uncertainty, yet one thing was certain. I was not alone. Add to that 3 international prayer and praise movements, over 40 books underway and much more. It is a walk meant to humble, strip you […]

Make God your God.

Somehow, I’m getting the impression that all this icy cold rain today….Is God’s Tears. He’s about to Lose over 5 billion people. PLEASE forgive those who have hurt you. PLEASE put aside the things of this world, the things of the flesh today. PLEASE get alone with your God. KNEEL before Him and submit every moment of your life to Him and see what He Will Do for you. Give Him total control. What does that look like? Give Him […]

Learn! What the mikveh can teach us.

Learn! Here is a ritual mikveh (bath) that was discovered in Jerusalem. The word “mikveh” means “collection of water.” As you will see here, the water must be from a natural source as rain or from springs. The priests would have to bathe before serving in The Temple. There were stated times that ritual baths were required for all people. Normal activities, and other activities could render a person ritually impure. Examples are giving birth, after menstruation, illnesses, and more. […]

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127, 127, 127!

127, 127, 127! The Lord Had me closeted with Him in tiny quarters earlier this year for 127 days. During that time, I researched and wrote 4 books, ran 2 international prayer movements and did 5 radio shows. I also set up a store front for the ministry products, and designed book covers for dozens of new books that are in the hopper. There were other things completed as well. Everything God Does, Is PRECISION. There are an infinite number […]

It’s Here. Don’t Fool Yourself That It’s Not.

CHRISTIAN BEHEADINGS HAPPENING NOW!  We have read the Book of Matthew for many years, not quite understanding the scenarios depicted.  We are now living in those times.  The events that have occurred in Iraq in the last few days are the forerunner of what is to come to America.  Do not deceive yourself thinking it won’t happen here.  Read this Scripture….”let them flee into the mountains.”  The Scripture States “Judaea.”  It’s happening RIGHT NOW in Iraq.  Soon, the rest of […]

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50 Reasons WHY Christians MUST PRAY for Israel

Get the Pre-Press Price of $18.95 plus s/h.  Price will go up to $24.95 when printed. If you love The Lord, you will love His Israel.  This book shows you why.  You cannot separate Israel and its importance to Jesus/Yeshua, and therefore, to God.  This is a step by step guide that will help you make a lot of sense of The Bible. It’s a “tops down” overview filled with Scriptures that “make the case” why Chrisitans MUST PRAY for […]

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Going to church tomorrow? “devil may care?” he does!

Lots of people are going to church, and are in major sins. NEVER take God for granted! Work out your salvation with fear and trembling! Have you EVER been DROPPED to your knees trembling all over in His Presence? I have. Have you EVER cried for days after He Visited you? I have. Have you EVER been made aware of how filthy you are compared to HIS HOLINESS? I have. Tremble, shake, and deeply, humbly, sincerely repent. The devil IS […]

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Boots On The Ground!

Boots on the ground! Soldiers for Christ! Fighting the enemy in his own territory! Taking back ground and souls for Christ! Watching The Lord’s Hand DELIVER people out of hell through fervent intercession, and LINE hell with the very demons that have been causing so much trouble!  YOWSER!  LET’S GO! When I look at the mountain of work here, I know I cannot do it all alone. 4 websites, a new ministry store underway, 4 blogs, various social networks, and […]

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Made In The Image and Likeness of Christ

This picture is so true. Especially for those who are learning to come out of the world and walk with Holy Spirit in continual union and communion. No one could understand unless they have experienced Him. The journey to being made in The Image and Likeness of Christ is the journey of overcoming the flesh, as He Did. Ephesians 4:23-24 And be renewed in the spirit of your mind; 24 And that ye put on the new man, which after […]

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We are in the 49 Days of Counting the Omer

We are in the days of “Counting the Omer” which began on Passover.  Yesterday (Sunday 4/20) was day 6.   After you become familiar with this, you can go back and catch up the other 5 days, and forward for day 7.  Christians are used to the pagan feasts of Easter, Christmas and more.  The Feasts of The Lord will seem strange until you immerse yourself.  Don’t just get your feet wet!  Learn about them!  Holy Spirit Reveals things that are […]

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Rabbi Yeshua

This is what The Miracles Of Jesus Ministry teaches: The Jewishness of Rabbi Yeshua, Whom Christians call Jesus Christ. Jesus is the name given to Him in the Greek language. It’s not His real Name. Back in 2003 when He Moved me to Tennessee, I started studying many aspects of Judaism. I’m not advocating that you join Judaism. I can tell you that when we started observing the Friday night Sabbath, He Showed up. Sometimes, no one could speak. His […]

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It’s THAT Fast!

Please watch this until the very end.  It’s 5 minutes that could change your whole life!

Are you a GEEP?

Recently a hybrid animal was born in England.  It’s called a “geep.”  It’s part goat, and part sheep.  It has both a wooly coat and hairy legs and head.  It also has horns. Don’t think this is a mistake.  It’s a very symbolic and prophetic statement of these times.  The farmer who owns the geep stated that he witnessed a goat mating with a sheep.  This too, is symbolic and prophetic.  Think about this! Matthew 25:28-34 Take therefore the talent from […]

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Animals Leaving Yellowstone?

I remember the stories of how the elephants and other animals fled for the hills before the earthquake and tsunami in Sumatra in 2004.  It was one more piece of God’s Amazing Precision.  He Is our very heartbeat.  Now, animals have been seen leaving Yellowstone surrounding the 4.8 magnitude earthquake there.  This super volcano, if it explodes could affect most of the U.S.    

It’s THAT Fast!

  Please watch this until the very end.  It’s 5 minutes that could change your whole life!  

Shabbat Shalom! The Aaronic Priestly Blessing over you!

I pray The Lord Bless you and Keep you and Make His Face to Shine upon you and Be Gracious unto you.  May He Grant you His Peace. Numbers 6:24–26 May the LORD (YHWH) bless you and guard you – יְבָרֶכְךָ יהוה, וְיִשְׁמְרֶךָ (“Yebhārēkh-khā Adhōnāy weyishmerēkhā …) May the LORD make His face shed light upon you and be gracious unto you – יָאֵר יהוה פָּנָיו אֵלֶיךָ, וִיחֻנֶּךָּ (“Yāʾēr Adhōnāy pānāw ēlekhā wiḥunnékkā …) May the LORD lift up His […]

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Do Any Of These Describe You?

You believe in Jesus, right?  You believe His Death Provided you with an Atonement for your sins?  Did you realize there is a strong requirement for sins to be forgiven?   So many today are: Carnal Christians – feeding the flesh with the lusts of the eyes, lusts of the heart and the pride of life. Backslidden Christians – they don’t bother to go to church anymore, don’t read their Bibles or pray daily.  They act as if they don’t need […]

Have you bruised a blooming rose?

If you even bruise the petals, they wilt and die. So many never come to full bloom because they’ve been “nipped in the bud.” Or, so emotionally damaged by the actions of others that their lives are interrupted, set back, and their dreams destroyed.  Words are powerful; actions even more so. The effects are often far reaching, resulting in and including suicide, destruction of the families, loss of work, loss of hope, severe depression, homelessness and resulting health problems.  So […]

Whats Up??? Safety Concerns with the “What’sApp”

As you read this article, keep in mind that the Jewish people have major concerns for their safety, and this approach to the “What’sApp” is wise and prudent for EVERYONE! Think about young children left at home while their parents may be out, whether it’s a quick trip to the gas station or grocery store (not condoning this,) babysitters that are late, single moms that can’t afford after school care, or EVEN if the parents are home.  Think about children […]

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Full Water Baptism – Is It Something I Need To Do?

If you were to look into a mirror, what would you see?  Who would be looking back at you?  Our very nature, is that of an innocent little child, sweet as can be.  If we were to peel back the layers of hurt, pain, disappointment, rejection, abandonment, fears, failures and other such things that have wounded us, we’d see glimpses of that child. As an infant, I was baptized in the Catholic church.  Most people who have been involved with […]

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Be Like Yeshua!

BE like Yeshua!  Let HIM Be your Role Model. He Never Cursed. He Never Lied. He Never Gave up.  He Never Gave In. He Always Gave the Credit, Honor and Glory to The Father. He Always Bowed His Wishes and His Life to The Father’s Will. He Is Kind, Filled With Tender Mercies, Willing to Stop for the one. He Overflows With Compassion. He’s Willing to Help if you ask Him. He’s Always Available. He Never Turns anyone away. He […]

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Pastors – Be Careful!

As I was writing the last post, I suddenly couldn’t think of the word “honorarium.”  My mind kept going blank.  Every time it seemed to flit through my tired brain…..poof!  It was gone again.  Blaaaahhh.  Holy Spirit Was so Clearly Present and Helping.  I was given the idea to do a search on what traveling evangelists, teachers and preachers got paid, to look for that elusive word.  Anyway, this article “jumped” out at me as I scanned the search. Maybe, […]

Coming Headlines: Putin Invades Alaska!

Think this is “far fetched?”  Think again.  The article linked below will show you how very real this is.  There are reasons why our leadership has had a “stand down” approach to what is happening in the Crimea and Ukraine.  That’s because they are all working together.  You see, they are all 33rd degree masons – of the masonic lodges.  At the 33rd degree, they OPENLY worship lucifer.  That’s right.  So what does this mean?  Their plans are to institute […]

The Coming Horrors: Hidden In Plain Sight

This picture is from inside of the Denver airport.  It will be discussed in the link below.  Read on. There is NO SIN that God Won’t Forgive (except blasphemy of Holy Spirit.)  I encourage you to view the following video, save them to your own computer, and save the page as “file-save-html” as well.  Then share this post with as many people as you can.  Time is short.  God REQUIRES sincere and weeping repentance.  Repentance means “to turn from” your […]

Who’s In Charge Here?

Does lust rule you……or do you rule lust? Does smoking rule you….or do you rule smoking? Does anger rule you…..or do you rule anger? Does spending rule you…..or do you rule spending? Does hatred rule you…..or do you rule hatred? Does time rule you…..or do you rule time? Does alcohol rule you….or do you rule alcohol? Does your mind rule you…or do you rule your mind? Do your pets rule you…or do you rule your pets? Do your emotions rule […]

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Treason: Aiding and Abetting The Enemy

We’re at an unprecedented time in human history.  We can look at the world’s current opinion of this country, and know that it isn’t good.  We are decried, laughed at and scorned.  Our most venerable enemies China, Russia and Iran, know that our military strength and our influence on the world stage has severely decreased.  We have to ask WHY?  Why is this once great nation floundering like a fish left dying on the bank?   I tell you, it’s because […]

‘Dirty Jew, Go Home to Israel:’ Jewish Girl in France Attacked by Arab Mother and Daughter |

‘Dirty Jew, Go Home to Israel:’ Jewish Girl in France Attacked by Arab Mother and Daughter | Jewish & Israel News But, wait a minute!  Aren’t the Arabs saying that Israel is NOT THE HOME of the Jewish people???? Jews are being forced out of Venezuela, and out of the Ukraine.  Anti-Semitism is higher now, than when Hitler came to power. WHERE THE JEWISH PEOPLE ARE CONCERNED, YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO: LOOK DOWN UPON SPEAK BADLY ABOUT MISTREAT CAUSE […]

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Stop Judging Others! You’re Setting Yourself Higher Than Jesus!

STOP THE NAME CALLING! So many times as I read the posts on the different social networks I see people judging each other.  We will be held responsible for judging one another.  Jesus FORGAVE all those who Hurt Him, Betrayed Him, Defiled Him, Beat Him, Crucified Him and more, and everyone’s sins – for all of eternity. YOU ARE NOT BIGGER THAN GOD!  NO ONE APPOINTED YOU TO BE JUDGE AND JURY! I see “CHRISTIANS” calling people idiots, stupid, sick, […]

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Ne-boo-chadnezzar All Over Again!

This video, from an Israeli perspective, will help you frame what has been happening in the Middle East in recent history. God Has Set patterns all throughout The Bible. He IS The God of Precision! One of the patterns He Sets, are types or archetypes of people, and another, of events. We see the rise and fall of the nation of Israel due to their sin and disfavor with God.  Usually what results is the actions of some megalomaniac power and […]

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Dream of Massive Destruction In America

Two nights ago The Lord Woke me with 3 dreams.   I have been a prophetic dreamer for as long as I can remember, and I’ve seen those dreams come to pass too many times to ignore.   I will speak of one of them now.   What is written here is a combination of the dream and what The Lord Imparted to me, once I was able to settle down and write of it. His Words are quoted in red. […]

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HE’S COMING! And He’ll Wait for NO Man.

We are entering the final countdown, where every moment left on earth is precious. How we use them will make all the difference. Have we hurt or injured others with our words and actions? Make it right. Have we altered the course of another’s life for the good or for the bad? Make it right. Have we stolen something? Make it right. Have we ignored the Sabbath rest? Make it right. Have we reached out to people in Yeshua/Jesus’ Name? […]

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Got a minute?

Please read this.  It’s not my words that matter….it’s HIS. Please take it in….slowly.  Allow time for the words to settle in.  Chew on them and digest them for a bit.  Then, read them again. And, when you’re done, go get your heart right with The Lord.  Time is short. 1 John 3 King James Version (KJV) 3 Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world […]

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Patty Thomas Radio Interview March 9th – Messianic Lamb Radio

Patty will be taping another radio interview on Sunday, 3/2/2014 for Messianic Lamb Radio.  It will be aired on Sunday, March 9th at 7pm.  Look for further announcements.   So much has been happening!  No matter how prepared I tried to be for the last interview, I got off on the wrong foot and tripped on my tongue when asked to describe myself and the ministry to the listening audience. So, I put together this information which will also help […]

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Patty Thomas Interview on Hebrew Nation’s Cuppa Shebrews radio show

If you missed hearing Patty speak on the Cuppa Shebrews radio show, check this out!  You can download the podcast for a limited time.

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Jan Brewer caved under an onslaught of media and moguls.  Christians, you will soon have to completely leave your faith if you do not have the backbone to stand.  Don’t think it’s going to get any better than this. There are no personal or religious freedoms left in the US.  It seems that complete strangers can dictate what our children learn in schools, the fact they MUST be vaccinated, that they can monitor our phone calls, video what’s going on […]

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Millionaire Gay Couple Sues to Force Church Wedding

They’re trying to force their values upon the Christian people, and change the precepts of Christian churches.  They are NOT BIGGER than God! PLEASE, PLEASE PRAY for people with backbone to stand up! Please pray for judges to realize that people cannot force their beliefs on a religion, or force people to abandon their basic Biblical beliefs to meet the demands of sin and sexual perversions. WHERE ARE THE PAULS, AND THE ELIJAHS AND THE ABRAHAMS who walked in righteousness […]

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Let’s Go Go…..Radio!

Let’s Go, Go……RADIO!  I will be on the “Cuppa Shebrews” radio program this Wednesday, February 26th from 11am to 12am cst. We’ll be talking about many things, including the book “How To Pray For Israel.”  My walk is quite unusual, having been set apart and led by Holy Spirit for many years.  It’s been a tough walk, but the things He’s Taught me are PRICELESS! Normally the book costs $29.99, but for this show and a couple of days afterward, […]

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