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Please pray for me.

Please pray for me. They expect the temp to be 95 but feel like 100 with the humidity. My body’s not handling this heat. I feel awful. Last nt The Lord got me out of the heat in a safe place. Tonight I don’t know. Can’t pull car and trailer much longer – brakes, tires, transmission and a/c problems-.9 years old and 103,000 miles.   Need a home, offices and staff.  12 books in print, 13th underway, 40+ in progress.  […]

STILL In Shock.

PASTORS? ELDERS? PROPHETS? EVANGELISTS? THIS IS A TRUE STORY THAT HAPPENED TODAY. There I was, asking a lady if she prays for Israel. “Israel. What’s “Israel?” Do you go to church? Yes. Do you read your Bible? Yes. But I don’t know what “Israel” is. The lady was in her fifties. The Lord Had to Show me what a general lack of knowledge and teachings there has been in the church about Israel. CHURCH???? PASTORS???? THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION BEGAN IN […]

It’s Here. Don’t Fool Yourself That It’s Not.

CHRISTIAN BEHEADINGS HAPPENING NOW!  We have read the Book of Matthew for many years, not quite understanding the scenarios depicted.  We are now living in those times.  The events that have occurred in Iraq in the last few days are the forerunner of what is to come to America.  Do not deceive yourself thinking it won’t happen here.  Read this Scripture….”let them flee into the mountains.”  The Scripture States “Judaea.”  It’s happening RIGHT NOW in Iraq.  Soon, the rest of […]

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50 Reasons WHY Christians MUST PRAY for Israel

Get the Pre-Press Price of $18.95 plus s/h.  Price will go up to $24.95 when printed. If you love The Lord, you will love His Israel.  This book shows you why.  You cannot separate Israel and its importance to Jesus/Yeshua, and therefore, to God.  This is a step by step guide that will help you make a lot of sense of The Bible. It’s a “tops down” overview filled with Scriptures that “make the case” why Chrisitans MUST PRAY for […]

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The Lord Has a Plan!

Just this morning, The Lord Gave me the “go ahead” to start making plans for my first trip to Israel.  The last few years of my life have been laid down before Him, lived on a moment by moment basis, one step at a time. I’ve been through incredible hardships meant to strip the flesh, the ego, the carnal man from me; meant to cause me to “be in the world but not of it.”  I walk more in Holy […]

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