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I’ve Seen His Angel Armies….many times.

Oh, what a privilege.  So many times now, I’ve seen The Lord on His White Horse, followed by His Angel Armies POUR out of the Heavens to assist somewhere.  The first time, was after Hurricane Katrina.  “First comes Judgment, then comes Mercies,” He Said. Recently, I saw them pour out of the Heavens while I was parked in my car at night.  I was all alone at a church.  Suddenly, a vision opened, and I saw The Lord and the […]

I Am…not Alone. You aren’t – either!

[youtube] I would never have survived this long or gotten this far without my Precious Savior, and His Holy Spirit. My Father Who Is such LOVE that He Is Incomprehensible. All 12 of my published books were written during the last 6 years of uncertainty, yet one thing was certain. I was not alone. Add to that 3 international prayer and praise movements, over 40 books underway and much more. It is a walk meant to humble, strip you […]

One of the Reasons Jews Don’t Trust Christians

It is said that prior to World War II, Christians and churches could have stepped up and perhaps the Holocaust may not have happened.  Many Jewish parents, knowing that they would not live much longer, placed their young children in the hands of the Catholic church.  One Rabbi, after the war, had a compelling mission of the heart to find these children.  This song tells the story.  If you have ever been a parent, perhaps you can touch the deep […]

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Make God your God.

Somehow, I’m getting the impression that all this icy cold rain today….Is God’s Tears. He’s about to Lose over 5 billion people. PLEASE forgive those who have hurt you. PLEASE put aside the things of this world, the things of the flesh today. PLEASE get alone with your God. KNEEL before Him and submit every moment of your life to Him and see what He Will Do for you. Give Him total control. What does that look like? Give Him […]

Learn! What the mikveh can teach us.

Learn! Here is a ritual mikveh (bath) that was discovered in Jerusalem. The word “mikveh” means “collection of water.” As you will see here, the water must be from a natural source as rain or from springs. The priests would have to bathe before serving in The Temple. There were stated times that ritual baths were required for all people. Normal activities, and other activities could render a person ritually impure. Examples are giving birth, after menstruation, illnesses, and more. […]

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If you believe in Israel, you should watch this.[youtube]

Japan Has Jewish Ancestry!

At the time of the tsunami and earthquake in Japan, I wrote a small book about God’s Precision Timing surrounding those event.  Through the research process, I came across much information about Shintoism.  They worship ancestors.  I didn’t publish it yet, because I knew there would be more information to research and write.  Even today,  as we watch the oceans poisoned by the nuclear fallout, we wait to see the final outcome. One city of 70,000 was decimated by the […]

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For Our Friends in Israel – Tent of Mercies

Tent of Mercies As I was praying for Israel today, The Lord Gave me this message for the peoples of Israel.  I saw a vision of Him Holding Open the door of a large white tent.  He Called it “The Tents of Mercy.” “I Am Opening up the Tent of Mercies for My people.  They are to come in under the Shelter of My Wing Where I Will Protect them and Succour them.  Tell them this.” Psalm 17:8-9 8 Keep me […]

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