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We’re trying to get people in across the world in all 24 time zones to participate in this year’s 5th “Waves Of Praise” on Christmas Day at 3pm.  Hoping that you will share this event with as many of your social networks and email lists as possible.  No monies are being raised to do this.  Last year, people from 120+ countries participated.  This year there’s some added “extras!”  Very soon there will be some freedownloadable booklets filled with ideas, Scriptures […]

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Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

She’s crazy!  No, she’s grief-stricken.  He’s off his rocker!  No, he’s been blamed for things he didn’t do. She can’t seem to get it together!  She’s been brutally abused by many. He’s lost it!  Everyone he thought he could trust has betrayed him. Why can’t she trust anyone?  She’s been left holding the bag while others went off and did “their thing.” He can’t seem to focus for very long.  It’s the pain he endures from losing his children. She’s […]

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Who’s Been Driving Your Vehicle?

The world teaches us to be strong and independent, free-thinkers and to gain knowledge and wisdom through education and life experiences.  God Tells us to come to Him as an innocent child, simply putting our life and trust in Him.  Sooner or later, you get tired of the results of your choices and learn to be Holy Spirit Led. Imagine yourself, for a moment, as a toddler in all their innocence and sweetness, putting your hand in His. Remember, humans […]

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Finding That Elusive True Love………

Most people set about finding Mr. or Ms. “Right” by going about it in all the wrong ways.  You see, we as humans have by our very nature, limited capabilities.  We cannot know another’s past, present or future, and no psychic can tell you that either.  (Psychics hear “messages” from satan’s demons.)  We cannot know the state of their health, the wounded areas that still need healing, the unfinished business of their past.  We cannot know how many partners they’ve […]

He’s All There Is! As in the Days of Noah

For 14 years I have counseled people, taking thousands of calls.  It’s been a great privilege to lead them to Jesus and show them that He Is their Healer, Savior, Deliverer and more. This has just about ended in the form I had been doing it.  This ministry has already affected the lives of people across the world in many ways.  I look forward to The Lord Opening the doors for me to travel extensively, bringing the things He’s Taught […]

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