50 Reasons WHY Christians MUST Pray For Israel

50 reasons WHY Christians MUST pray for Israel are included in this NEW book.   NOW more than ever, ISRAEL needs our prayers.  Find out the TRUTH – the media has been reporting lies and distortions!

It is a primer on who Israel is, who the Jewish people are, and why they and ISRAEL are VITALLY important to all of us.  It traces the history from Noah to Jesus/Yeshua up til The Millennial Kingdom.  DON’T MISS YOUR BLESSINGS!

WCMPFI Book Cover Only
We are in the time when all nations have turned against Israel – THIS IS BIBLICAL. Find out why, and who’s behind it AND WHAT that means for us. If you are a pastor, prayer leader, individual, trying to explain to others WHY Israel is important to Christians…..this is the book you need! 200+ pages.


2 prayer guides for Israel are also available at the website: www.HowToPrayForIsrael.com
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