50 Reasons WHY Christians MUST PRAY for Israel

50 reasons rev cover finalGet the Pre-Press Price of $18.95 plus s/h.  Price will go up to $24.95 when printed.

If you love The Lord, you will love His Israel.  This book shows you why. 

You cannot separate Israel and its importance to Jesus/Yeshua, and therefore, to God. 

This is a step by step guide that will help you make a lot of sense of The Bible. It’s a “tops down” overview filled with Scriptures that “make the case” why Chrisitans MUST PRAY for Israel! 

The book begins with the battle of Lucifer in Heaven, and takes you to the beginnings of the Jewish race. It takes you through simple explanations of who their enemies are, and why they are under such attack today.  Anti-Semitism is higher now than just prior to World War II.  Europe, Russia, Ukraine and other places are seeing massive acts of anti-Semitism.  WHY is the world set against the Jewish people and Israel?  Get clarity – get the facts! 

The book explains WHO Israel is, and how Christians are invested in everything that happens in and to Israel. The book explains the “grafted in” concept and more. Israel is The Lord’s Betrothed.  Are you the Bride of Christ?  What does that mean?

There are actually more than 50 reasons why we should ALL be praying for Israel.. The book takes you through the Millennial Reign of Christ to the Lake of Fire, and who’s not going to make it to eternity with God. It’s a “must read” not just for Christians, but for politicians, newscasters, prayer group leaders, pastors, Messianic Rabbis and so many more.

We all know Lucifer in the form of the antichrist will seat himself on the throne in Jerusalem, seeking to be worshipped. We either worship him or die. I’m going home to Heaven! The book also has a chapter on preparing people for the reign of the antichrist.  It clears misconceptions about Armageddon and Revelations.  We have already witnessed the beginnings of Christians being beheaded for their faith.  Get the facts!

Every day Israel is in the news.  Why?  Find out!   Buy a copy to send to your local, state and federal legislators!  Also, a copy to the newscasters that speak against Israel.  Why not be bold and send a copy to a foreign nation that is boycotting Israel, or stands against Israel?  This book is a veritable textbooks that reads like the greatest love story ever told!  Simple, direct and “to the point,” you’ll have facts in front of you, and Scriptures to back them up when explaining, or teaching about Israel.   Why not buy a number of copies and donate them to prayer centers?


Get the pre-press price of $18.95 now, because it’s going up to $24.95 when its done. Not sure when its going to press. It’s The Lord’s Lands, people, events and book. He May Wait until I get back from Israel to update and print it.  [contact-form to=’patty@pattythomas.com’ subject=’50 Reasons Why – Blog Response’][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Website’ type=’url’/][contact-field label=’Comment’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][/contact-form]

Purchase it at www.HowToPrayForIsrael.com

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