WELCOME TO NEW YORK!  (See link below for news story.) I say that rather facetiously, as I had been a NY’er all my life until about ten years ago.  These things are soon to be seen from sea to shining sea!  Do not think for one minute that the crooks, criminals, robbers and drug dealers are going to stop by the NYPD to turn in their guns. Why is this happening? How can a mayor override the US Constitution’s “right to bear arms??”

73% of Americans consider themselves to be Christian!  

This is not a judgment leveled against Christians – it’s a simple fact!  If you are a believer in Jesus/Yeshua, then how can you stand idly by and watch thousands of babies aborted each day, homosexual marriages become legal and considered “normal,” pay through your taxes and health insurances for abortions, watch the news as The Ten Commandments are taken down, prayer is not allowed -FOR CHRISTIANS- in schools and public places (though children who follow Islam are excused from class throughout the day to go to a room set aside for their prayers,) the government has become so intrusive into our privacy that you don’t feel that you have privacy in your own homes? That corruption is so rampant in government that it is like Sodom and Gomorrah itself!

So, what can we do NOW???   IF CHRISTIANS STOOD UP NOW against the government – it would be too late. They would be herded into the 800+ concentration camps. My, my. Sounds like Jesus Is Coming soon.  Here’s what He Said last night:

******** LAST NIGHT He Came to me after I had slept a bit. HE TOLD ME HIS JUDGMENT IS ON AMERICA AND NOTHING CAN STOP IT NOW! HE SAID HE WILL NOT TURN IT AROUND NOW. HIS WILL, WILL BE DONE!  (Some months ago, He Said that it was only the prayers of His intercessors that were Staying His Hand from destroying this country.)  Christian Americans need to repent for falling down on their watches!  We’ve been too busy feeding the flesh.

PASTORS?  A NINEVAH CALL???? What if this coming Saturday and Sunday churches across the US ALL laid it down before His Throne?  And prayed and fasted for 40 days? The Body of Christ will both have arisen, and bent their knees.  Then – ANYTHING  – is possible with God.  (I know I wouldn’t have written this, in these terms, without Holy Spirit Directing and Guiding me.  I’ve been with Him almost all day today in Bible research and study.)

(Just for the record, I have a book on its way out called “The Ninevah Call.”  It talks about God’s Prophetic Messages last year during election season, and much more.   You will be amazed at His Precision Timing in those events!)

So..here’s Mayor Bloomberg’s latest in New York:


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