The Presence Of The Lord

There is a place in Darmstadt, Germany that is truly worth traveling for.  I heard about it many years ago.  I used to keep Christian tv playing in the background at my former home.  One day, as I was walking through I heard Benny Hinn say that of all the places he’s been, the place where he felt The Lord’s Presence the most, was at Kanaan in Darmstadt.

The city was destroyed by a US Air Raid – on 9/11/1946.  She and the few young girls (nuns) who met with her to pray were allowed to pick up some of the rubble.  Rolling up their sleeves, they built a convent.  Later, gardens, a church and a chapel.  Darmstadt?  That’s where my son lives with his wife and children! I hadn’t seen them in several years.


Kanaan-4Kanaan-2 Then, in 2006, The Lord Made a Way through a series of miracles to get me there.  The convent and gardens – were 5 minutes from my son’s home!  Attending one of their mid-week chapel services, I heard the nuns singing.  The ENTIRE ROOM was LIFTED into the Spirit, and The Lord’s Presence Was CLEAR and STRONG!  (

They lived from moment to moment and day by day as I have been taught to do.  When no one in Germany could get stockings or cement, it would arrive at their door.  They would go to chapel in the morning knowing there was nothing for lunch or dinner.  Boxes and bags of groceries would be found on their doorsteps.  The founder, Basilea Schlenk, taught about not holding grudges against others and more.  When someone was offended or hurt, jealous or angry at another, the FLOW of Divine Blessings would suddenly stop.  They would gather together and resolve their differences and The Lord Provided.

I met in a private meeting and talked with the nuns, and The Presence of The Lord Was Wonderful!  I receive confirming words!  I felt His Presence many places on the grounds.

In His Presence, IS fullness of joy!  You are complete, and whole with nothing missing. If you are pursuing more of this and more of that in this world, never being filled up, you have missed HIM. In these last days, it is more important than ever to push aside the things of the world and get to KNOW HIM in relationship with Him.  “Religion” is filled with rules, laws, stipulations.  In short, it is “legalism.”  The Old Testament has 613 laws.  No man on earth has ever been able to keep ALL of them, except our Blessed Savior.  He never Wanted the trappings of “playing church.”  He Wants REAL hearts seeking Him in REAL Ways.  Putting aside everything and making HIM first in your life.  First in your day, first in your decisions, first in your monies, first in your hearts. Obedience to Him is paramount.  Making Him the love of your life – crucial.  He Will NEVER play “second-best” to anyone!  Don’t leave Him to be last in your days!  Don’t make the people in your life more important than your relationship with Him.

Most of Christianity has MISSED this level of walk with The Lord.  They rely upon money and possessions which give them “comfort.”  Their identity then, is founded in the world and not in Christ.  I invite you to visit their website at   I also invite you to learn who you are in Christ at my website.

Also along these lines is a little book I wrote called “Be Ye Transformed By The Renewing Of Your Mind.”  It is available in paperback at the website (click book,) and on for Kindle at the moment.  Other ebook  formats will be made available soon.

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Be Ye Transformed By The Renewing Of Your Mind

Your New Identity In Jesus Christ

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