The Journey – Walking With Christ

I used to walk in the ways of the world.   Gradually, The Lord Has Brought me out of that into a whole new way of being.

I went back to school mid-life with 3 children and no child support. After finishing 2 years full-time studies, working as many as 3 jobs.  I went on for an MBA. 3 courses from completion, the monies ran out. I went on to become a Controller, Financial Manager and Management Consultant. I had a corporation and did consulting work across the country. Stress and long hours caused much illness, and The Lord Took it all away in 2001.  Don’t think this wasn’t Planned.

In 1999 He Woke me with a dream of this ministry. I was standing at a pulpit with His Golden Presence all Over me. At that time I had no knowledge or understanding of the Working of Holy Spirit. Whole sections of the audience were going down in the Spirit and JUMPING UP completely and utterly healed of all manner of things. ” He Woke me and Said,

“This is your spiritual mission in this life.” 

What?? “I said, “That’s not on my list!” Never before had I even considered ministry.   I didn’t understand WHY people would dedicate their lives to The Lord’s service.  THAT was a Divine Setup!  The Lord Has Done an AMAZING transformation in my life, causing me now to walk in extreme obedience to Him, completely dependent on Him, hungry for more and more and more of Him.

I’ve been to Heaven countless times. The books I write are Given, Led and Directed by Holy Spirit, with proceeds going to the most basic needs of keeping the ministry going, and enabling me to keep moving forward and deeper. I wouldn’t trade the trappings of this world for one split second for the Joy and Glory of The Lord!

Last night, once again, my room was FILLED with His Light and His Glory. Joy welled up within me as I experienced His Loving Presence and Direction, in the company of His Angels.

The things of this earth will never satisfy us. They will be left behind when He Returns for us. Leave the wrappings and trappings of the false behind. Seek HIM with ALL your heart.  It requires – EVERYTHING.  Hold NOTHING back from Him.  One moment of delay is disobedience.  One act of disobedience cost King Saul his kingdom and his sons.  It cost David his family, and the dividing up of the kingdom again.  His son Solomon went into paganism and idolatry.

Over time, and continually, you hone yourself.  You bring each area of your life into obedience before Him.  Learn to guard the heart, and to bridle the tongue.  There’s much more….it’s a journey until one day, you look like Him, walk like Him, talk like Him. You learn to make every moment count for His Kingdom, praising Him while washing dishes or sweeping the floor.  You STOP for someone when they have a need.  Your eyes and ears continually focused on Him, watching for the next Prompting, Guidance, Direction and Leading of Holy Spirit.  It’s worth the effort.  You learn to overcome the world.  The rewards are priceless!


Patty Thomas

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