TESTIMONY: Healed from effects of MRI’s.


TESTIMONY:  Not everything that man’s medicine does is good for us. In 2005 I was in a car accident.   I had a series of MRI’s (magnetic resonance imaging.) In 2011-2012, I had been praying that The Lord Heal me as I was dealing with many health issues.  He Stepped into the room one day, and Laid His Hands Over the top of my head.  A feeling like “warm honey” enveloped me from the top of my head all the way down.

He Said, “Never have another MRI.  They disturb that part of you which is magnetic.”

We cannot see the effects on us of many forms of “medicine.”  Did you know that the word “pharmacopeia” FITS the definition of “witchcraft?”  It is drug-making, as when witches brewed love potions and more.

We have a Healer and Deliverer.  YESHUA Ha’Maschiach!  HIS Healings are cost-free, and complete!

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