America – FROZEN In Time

The weather forecasters said that this was an arctic storm that rotates in a counter-clockwise motion.  Counter-clockwise is indicative of God’s Hand in this.  He Showed me sometime last year, that counter-clockwise is the Way He Does things.  For instance, Hebrew is read from right to left.  We are on earth which is satan’s domain.  Our clock goes in clockwise motion.  Therefore, the storm that is blanketing and affecting almost the entire US – is God’s Freezing of everything – stopping us in our tracks.

It’s time to bend the knees and seek His Mercies.  I feel like America has been put in “time out” by God.  As the gay agenda and abortion agenda are moving forward at unprecedented speeds, as our president has become a dictator, completely overriding the checks and balances of the executive branch, as we are over 17 trillion dollars in debt, I feel this is the “calm” before the real storm.

God Is Speaking as never before.  America hasn’t listened.  Just this morning, He Gave me detailed instructions and supplies lists to set up a mobile food kitchen to serve the masses in disasters.  He Said He Would Send people to help with the costs and supplies.

Just a couple of weeks ago, He Appeared and Said, “Nothing will stop His Judgment on America.  Nothing Will Stay His Hand.”

america frozen

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