I Am…not Alone. You aren’t – either!

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I would never have survived this long or gotten this far without my Precious Savior, and His Holy Spirit. My Father Who Is such LOVE that He Is Incomprehensible. All 12 of my published books were written during the last 6 years of uncertainty, yet one thing was certain. I was not alone. Add to that 3 international prayer and praise movements, over 40 books underway and much more. It is a walk meant to humble, strip you of the world and know that no matter what, He Is With us. His Love never Fails.

Today, I spoke with a pastor of over 30 years, who is on a similar walk as mine – a walk of faith and absolute obedience. We are unusual, as most people today do not know what it’s like to walk the walk of faith. A walk that’s taken me through many dark places only to find His Love and His Light. As I spoke, the pastor understood. It was validation and a breath of fresh air….like the Mighty Rushing Wind….Sweeping the tears, the fears, the pain, the suffering away in one Breath. It was a Divine Appointment – unplanned by either of us. He also, received validation. This strengthened both of us.

Just when we think we are all alone and don’t know which way to turn, all we have to do is run under The Wing of our Shepherd and be still. We are NOT alone. I wrote a song today about what it’s like to walk through the wilderness, yet be Provided for by The Lord. Humbling.

Thank you from the depths of my being to all those who have believed and walked along with me.

patty Thomas


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