Saved Again. The Lord JEALOUSLY Guards me.

TESTIMONY!!!! PRAISE THE LORD! This morning He Told me to check the news that there was something I needed to see. Wow. I am humbled yet again.

The church where I had been parked and sleeping in my car – windows open – TRUSTING THE LORD to Keep me safe, was just across the street from a “nice” apartment complex where there was a shooting last night. Oh, and also right off of the exit ramp where there was a 4 car crash where 3 people died last night.

He’s KEPT me safe in all kinds of situations, training me for traveling in war zones. Sooner or later, you learn to rest in Him and trust Him no matter what. I am so thankful He’s Got me! After 9/11 He Told me that buildings could fall to the right of me and the left of me, but as long as my eyes were on Him, I’d be kept safe.” Here’s living proof of that!  I’ve seen His angels so many times in front of my car!  I’ve seen angels whose swords were taller than the tops of the trees!

via Patty Thomas.

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