Like so many things in the news these days, the truth has been kept from the general public.  Most estimations of the number of Jewish people who died during the Holocaust are about 6 million people.  No. Sorry.  Multiply it several times over.  The following article will explain: » The Horrifying New Holocaust Discoveries.

The problem is, that today we stand on the brink of even worse Holocausts in both Israel and in the U.S.  You see, Dick Cheney’s company, Haliburton (yes, the former Vice President of the US,) has built concentration camps for the US Government.  Here is one article. http://www.libertyforlife.com/jail-police/us_concentration_camps.htm

I suggest you research this, as there is likely one near you.  Look on youtube, as well, where you can see the videos of them.  So, how long will you allow these renegade traitors to hold office in the US?  When will righteous Christians, Messianics and Jews stand up to run for office?

We cannot bury our heads in the sand any longer.  The Lord Said in The Bible that the saints in white are the ones beheaded and martyred for His Cause.  This is coming sooner than you think – there are railroad cars outfitted with guillotines at one end.  Those concentration camps?  Many of them are outfitted with gas chambers, like Nazi Germany.  People wake up!  Jesus IS Coming Soon!  But, maybe not before we see our loved ones murdered by the satanists that run this country.  Strong statement?  Not at all.  Most of the senators and congressmen, and even those in the White House are masons.  They belong to the Masonic lodges, which openly worship lucifer at the 32nd and 33rd degrees.  Worse – they are even in our pulpits. I just recently “called out” a pastor on facebook who was openly professing luciferian worship  – and – his cherished affiliation with the masonic lodge.  Do they think God Is Blind?  or Deaf?  I’ve read the end of The Book.  We win.  They all go to the lake of fire.  End of story.  Amein.

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