PRAY-A-THON for Sochi Olympics Safety & More

A couple of weeks ago, The Lord Gave me a Word about the terrorist threats surrounding the Sochi Olympics.  They are already beginning.  He Said that there could be multiple explosions and significant loss of life.  Any loss is significant to those who loved them.


sochiWe’ve just come through prayer for the Super Bowl.  I was not the only one who saw angels present.  Reports came in about the peace that encompassed the Super Bowl.  Praise God!  Now, let’s team up on a variety of issues including, but beyond safety at the Sochi Olympics.  when God Responds to our prayers, lives are shifted and changed!

Remember, one can put a thousand to flight, and two, ten thousand!

Join in the SOCHI OLYMPICS PRAY-A-THON.  Pray as little or as much each day as you are Led By Holy Spirit.  The Olympics run from tomorrow, February 6th to Sunday, February 23rd.

For those who support Israel, Russia has notoriously been anti-Semitic.  These and other issues, with background info, prayer points and Scriptures are being developed into a prayer guide.  It should be available in the next day or so, downloadable for your use.

PASTORS – My Father’s House Is a House of Prayer.  Please ask your congregations to pray as well.  The prayer guide will help you lead effective prayers.

So.  Go to this link to join in, or pray on your own.  Invite some friends and family over to watch the Olympics and pray at the same time!


Who’s the statue of?  Aha!  That’s one of our biggest prayer concerns!

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