Sochi Olympics Prayer Guide! WORD FROM THE LORD!


This guide written under a Burden From The Lord – there is danger of multiple explosions and massive deaths.

I’ve worked nearly round the clock to get this done. It gives you specifics and background, prayer points and Scriptures, history and more!

sochi prayer book cover 2SOCHI OLYMPICS PRAYER GUIDE

A couple of weeks ago, The Lord Gave a Word regarding the Sochi Olympics.  He Said there was great danger of massive and multiple explosions in and around Sochi.  He Asked me to research the Sochi area.  What I found caused me to press through long hours and little sleep to make sure  this prayer guide was done and available for people to pray with knowledge and understanding.


The book is over 180 pages yet gives point by point instructions.  Purchase book at

Printed 6 x 9 Perfect Bound Book  $5.99 plus $1.00 s/h

Downloadable pdf Prayer Guide $4.99  Downloadable pdf will be emailed to you upon payment

Kindle version, Nook version available Sunday 2/9/2014 


There are massive threats surrounding the Sochi Olympics that we as prayer warriors must address on all levels. To do so, we must look at these things:

  • The history of the Olympics
  • The spiritual history of the Olympics
  • The history of the Sochi area and the Black Sea coast
  • The terrorism around the Sochi region
  • The spiritual history of the area

Then, we will look at the weapons of our warfare as Given in The Bible.  They are many, and some are often overlooked.

You will learn about prayer coverings and shields, and why The Lord Wants us to cover all things with prayer.

For the first time, I am revealing a whole new level of deliverance prayers that are highly effective, and uniquely Given Through Holy Spirit. He Has Shown me that this method negates the work of the demons, devils & spirits throughout eternity. It ultimately sends them back to hell, completely powerless to affect or torment anyone on earth, in the air or in hell. Through this method, we are making great holes in satan’s plans!

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