THREATS For Sochi….Very Real! Need YOUR Prayers! Videos!

The Sochi Olympics are not on our back door step.  Many feel removed from them as if that should not be the focus of their time and prayer efforts.  Just because Sochi is many time zones away, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to pray. God IS Listening!

Every prayer added, is one more blanket of prayer covering added.

The importance, the efficacy and the mechanisms of prayer coverings and prayer shields

are all explained in the prayer guide for the Sochi Olympics. (See below)

As you listen to these few video clips, you’ll get a better idea of the wide range and close proximity of the threats to the Sochi area.Here is a sampling of some of the news reports regarding the threats Sochi faces.


This is interesting. I do not know how true it is…but it certainly gives us some new perspectives, some specific things to pray about:

The Sochi Olympics Prayer Guide goes into some of the physical and spiritual history of the area.  It will be a big help in focusing your prayers, and helping pray a covering or shield over the Olympics, the infrastructure and the peoples.  The calling on my life is a very serious one.  The Lord Has Set me apart for the last ten years, and closeted me with Him for the last 5 1/2.  He’s Stripped me of the world, and of everything in it.  He Calls me to speak a WORD to nations, groups, churches, and individuals.  He’s Used me to speak to presidents and prime ministers already.  The POWER of Holy Spirit IS often seen, felt and experienced when I open my mouth.  One lady went flying backwards 2 feet as The POWER of Holy Spirit Spoke through me.

It’s not about me, it will never be about me.  I walk a walk of extreme obedience, learning to lay down the flesh more and more.  Please take this call to pray very seriously.  It was a CLEAR WORD from The Lord.  He Is The ONE Who Asked me to work night and day to put the prayer guide together.  It may not be everything I’d want, but it covers a lot of ground.  It was LED by HOLY SPIRIT every moment.  Be sure you honor The Lord and His Intentions by purchasing a copy.  All proceeds go to the support of the work He’s Called me to do.  I didn’t stay up night and day for the past week so that I could afford to have a vacation somewhere.  I live meagerly on a day by day and moment by moment existence.  EVERYTHING I am, and everything I have goes into this work.  My life is being poured out for The Kingdom of God. Whatever royalties come from the book, won’t be received by the ministry for 60-120 days.  2-14-14 sochi cover snip


It is available at,  and in print versions.

Kindle version:

Also available for Nook, and other ebook formats.



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