Woo Hoo! This book is being persecuted for its content! Sochi Olympics Prayer Guide!

Amazingly, The Lord Had me publish this book twice!  One, to be listed under “prayer books,” and the other, to be listed under “sports-Olympics.” Last night I got an email that they removed the first one from Amazon and other sales channels!   I am sure it has to do with the teaching of the paganism of the Olympics, and of teaching deliverance!  I told you I’ve been being buffeted very strongly.  Right now, there is still the 2nd guide, a later edition, posted on Amazon as well as the Kindle version.  The Lord Had Told me to get as many books out in the marketplace as possible, as the time was coming soon they would shut down the publishing of all Christian books.  My hope, was to be able to do in-house publishing one day.  With over 50 book titles, it just might make financial sense.



2-14-14 sochi cover snip

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