Don’t Delay!

995589_544806088968321_1462877131_nThere are those people who hear a Word from God or know they have a call on their lives, and yet don’t act on it. What they don’t understand is God’s Precision Timing. When God Asks you to do something, or you feel a nudging or prompting of Holy Spirit – drop what you are doing and do what He’s Asking you to do. That’s blind obedience, and obedience is better than sacrifice. ONE MOMENT of delay is disobedience. King Saul lost his whole kingdom and his sons by disobeying God’s Directive.

I’ve seen lives and families destroyed and blown apart because someone was supposed to act and didn’t. I’ve seen people lose the greatest gifts and opportunities God Has for them because they’ve delayed, questioned, and mocked God and His Plans for them. When you don’t act and you know you should, it causes disruptions in God’s Plans and others suffer because of it. That’s pride and arrogance. You’re setting yourself higher than Jesus Who Was and Is 100% OBEDIENT to The Father. God Didn’t Make YOU God. He Made you to be His servant.

Why does man think they know more than God? We use only 5% of our brains! God Keeps 7 billion people alive and all forms of living things in the universe – moment by moment! WE cannot out-think God. It’s not “in our timing” and “in our ways,” but HIS! No matter what the situation looks like, if God Says “do this,” do it without questioning! SIMPLY OBEY. Don’t think that money or position can buy your way into Heaven, or buy you His Blessings. You might be surrounded with wealth, fame and fortune, but He Could Rip it all away in one heartbeat. Don’t lay up your treasures on earth where moth and rust doth corrupt and tornadoes, typhoons and tidal waves wipe it all out. If you have failed to obey, repent of it immediately. Then correct your mistakes as best as you know how. Do what God Asks – you’ll be surprised at the outcome.

My own walk has been lessons in blind obedience. As a result, I’ve got 10 books in print, over 40 more in process and the outlines and/or storyboards for 4 full length motion pictures. I’m sitting on a stack of songs and poems I’ve written, and have about 30 paintings done. You learn to take life moment by moment. If you’ve been busy planning – you’re on the wrong course. Remember – THY WILL BE DONE – not your will. Who put YOU in charge?


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