Why Does The Lord Speak Against Pigs?

I asked The Lord WHY He Is Against pigs (and therefore bacon.)  “It’s because they eat their own.” He Said.  I as a child visiting a farm owned by friends of the family, and seeing the little piglets.  I remember hearing that the mother ate her own babies.  No wonder The Lord Speaks against pigs.  Now, He Does Say that we should not hold anyone accountable because of the things they choose to eat.  That it’s not what goes in the mouth, but what comes out that is important.  He’s Been Weaning me away from all forms of pork for quite some time, though it was once my favorite meat.  He’s also Been Weaning me away from chicken and beef, because of the antibiotics and hormones in them.  Recently, He Told me not to eat tuna because much of what we eat comes from waters off of California and S. Korea.  Both are affected by the radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan.  He’s Also Told me not to eat Pacific salmon anymore, but salmon from the Atlantic, from Norway and upstate New York is fine.

Now, let’s get to this article below.  Why are Muslims gaining ground so fast across the entire world?  BECAUSE THEY PRAY EN MASSE repeatedly throughout the day.  Your thoughts and words have the power to change the atmosphere and outcomes of situations.  If the Christians and Jews prayed as fervently and as often as the Muslims do….we wouldn’t have situations like this

Cafe Fan Banned In Case Smell Of Bacon Offends Muslims.

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