FINALLY!  You are going to want this guide which covers the underlying issues of Sochi and the Olympics.

We are just ONE DAY away from the Closing Ceremony. 

Two significant events happened on Feb 23rd, in Russian history, and so this Sunday’s Closing Ceremony lands on an anniversary date.  One of the events involved over half a million people being shipped by train into the northern parts of Russia against their wills.  Many died.  It was another ethnic cleansing and genocide.

After having the publisher pull the guide, it’s now been revamped and approved.

It’s available on in both printed and Kindle versions.  It’s on Barnes and Noble for Nook.  It’s at in pdf form.

2-14-14 sochi cover snip

I highly recommend that you get a copy of the electronic version in Kindle, Nook or pdf formats as time is so short.

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