He’s All There Is! As in the Days of Noah

For 14 years I have counseled people, taking thousands of calls.  It’s been a great privilege to lead them to Jesus and show them that He Is their Healer, Savior, Deliverer and more. This has just about ended in the form I had been doing it.  This ministry has already affected the lives of people across the world in many ways.  I look forward to The Lord Opening the doors for me to travel extensively, bringing the things He’s Taught me.  I am waiting and watching as He Changes lives, attitudes, and hearts, as He Heals and Delivers.  It is the most amazing privilege to be humbled before Him to serve without question.  I thank God that through all the trials, He’s Been sooooo Faithful.
Lots of people – millions – accept the Gifts He Paid such an Incredible Price for, and then they turn their backs on Him and go right back into sin.  What example is that?  He Is so Forgiving, so Merciful, but the time is getting shorter and shorter.  The window of opportunity to repent and get it right is about to close.  It’s time you really got your priorities in place and put Him first in your life.  That means, OBEY.  There are too many Christians that take Him for granted and think it’s okay.  Be sober and vigilant for your adversary the devil is looking to devour you – for eternity.

All you have to do is go and seek quiet, private time with Him this day.  Let Him Lead you to the Promised Land.  Weed the things out of your life that do not reflect Him.  Go quietly, humbly, seeking Him.  In the end, He’s All There Is.

So many will perish.  Although the Bible Tells us 2/3 of the earth’s population will perish, at this time it’s more like 80%.  People aren’t listening.  They aren’t following Him like gentle lambs in His Flock.  They’ve skipped out like goats, and will be counted among them.  Is this you?  Best get it right with Him while there’s still time.

Patty Thomas

The Miracles Of Jesus Ministry


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