Let’s Go Go…..Radio!


Let’s Go, Go……RADIO! 

I will be on the “Cuppa Shebrews” radio program this Wednesday, February 26th from 11am to 12am cst.

We’ll be talking about many things, including the book “How To Pray For Israel.”  My walk is quite unusual, having been set apart and led by Holy Spirit for many years.  It’s been a tough walk, but the things He’s Taught me are PRICELESS!

Normally the book costs $29.99, but for this show and a couple of days afterward, I’m offering the book for $20.00 plus s/h.  This special price will last until this coming Friday night at the website:  www.HowToPrayForIsrael.com.  The payment is secure and goes through PayPal.   I’ve dealt with them since 2000.  You don’t need a PayPal account, you can use a credit or debit card.

2nd edition cover only

 f you didn’t see the many posts, it’s been a busy, busy couple of months.  I have come through the “Waves Of Praise” movement at 3pm on Christmas Day where people from over 120 countries participated.
Then, the “Super Bowl Prayer Party,” which prayed against sexual trafficking and did a lot of deliverance on the spectators.  God Answered our prayers:  16 young girls aged 13-18 were freed from sexual slavery, some of which had been kidnapped.  They’ve been returned to their families.  More, 50 adult women were freed and 45 pimps were arrested.
Then, The Lord Asked me to gather His people to pray over the Sochi Olympics, due to the great threats there.  I set up a Facebook event for that as well – the “Sochi Olympics Pray-A-Thon.”  As a result two books have been published in the last month. One, a prayer guide for the Super Bowl, and the other for the Sochi Olympics.
This afternoon, He Asked me to write “Why Christians MUST Pray For Israel.”  After 2 1/2 hours, I already had over 100 pages in the book!  THAT Was Holy Spirit!  He Uses me to reach and teach Christians, Messianic and Jewish peoples.

For those who would like to listen in to the radio show:

Here’s a link to the online site http://hebrewnationonline.com/.  While the show is broadcasting live, anyone can go to that site and listen to it live.

A recording of the show will then be posted within a couple of days as a podcast for people to listen to at their leisure for the next couple of weeks at the same website.  For those with Androids, they can download an application called TuneIn Radio (free) and search for 1220| Hebrew Nation Radio (Religious) I recommend you find it ahead of time and mark it as a favorite and then go to that station during show time to listen to the broadcast (12 to 1pm EASTERN) (11am to 12pm Central.)

8 books better

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