Finding That Elusive True Love………

wilted roseMost people set about finding Mr. or Ms. “Right” by going about it in all the wrong ways.  You see, we as humans have by our very nature, limited capabilities.  We cannot know another’s past, present or future, and no psychic can tell you that either.  (Psychics hear “messages” from satan’s demons.)  We cannot know the state of their health, the wounded areas that still need healing, the unfinished business of their past.  We cannot know how many partners they’ve had, or what kind of bag and baggage they carry with them.  We can’t know how they’ll react in crisis, if they truly revere life in all its forms, or if they are selfish and self-serving, or willing to lay down their lives for another.

Most people “judge” whether a person is “right” for them, by the outward things.  Things like education, career, upward mobility, looks, their family, their friends, the kind of car they drive, the clothes they wear, etc.  That means that we are choosing by the things of the flesh.  The Bible Speaks about “the lust of the eyes, and the lust of the flesh.”  But is there really a basis of truth in these things?  How CAN we know who is the right person?

Listen, I’ve been married, but never really had a “husband.”  I’ve counseled thousands for more than a decade.  There’s some things I’ve learned.  People tend to choose others based on past pain and past mistakes.  They are reliving “Ground Hog Day” only with different people.  The situations are the same, it’s the faces that are changed.  Usually, they get worse from one to the next till we finally cry out “Help me God!”

This video is partially about that “state of mind” that you can really find your happiness in another.  They are not our happiness, but can add happiness to our lives.  We are meant to be filled with The Joy of The Lord – always.  In Him is our Fullness, Completion and Satisfaction.  When we have reached that place, the things of this world don’t seem to be as important to us as they once were.  Then, as we grow, we begin to see God’s Hand at Work in the lives of His people.  We see each person in our lives as a “lesson,” “catalyst,” and sometimes are sent to propel the other into their true destiny.  We get lost in the romance of love, and that’s wonderful, but it’s also superficial.  How many times have you fallen in and out of love?  That’s infatuation, not love.  When two people who find that fulfillment in The Lord, as Ordained by God, come together, it’s bliss – and extremely rare.  I’ve spoken with lots of people who use dating services – all of the flesh.  They take a friend or family member’s ideas of who is right for them – all of the flesh.  They are “attracted” – by the flesh.  But, when the relationship is born of The Spirit……it’s a whole new ball game.

I listened to this video tonight.  It is largely about the flesh.  The One Who Sets your heart free….is Yeshua(Jesus).  The One Who Is your Happiness Is Him.  But, oh…….when two hearts, lives and souls are united in Him, as only God Can Give…..then you’ve found it all.


There came a man into my life, that was clearly Sent by God.  But, we kept “missing each other” like two ships that pass in the night.  God’s Timing Hadn’t Been Perfected yet.  He Was Working in each of us.  God Had Shown me a love that was so deep it was the very essence of me, and the Essence of God.  I tried to run away – many times.  The connection so deep, and so profound, that most people simply wouldn’t understand.  Neither of us understood.  It’s hard to describe, but I know now that most people fall for something of the mind and of the flesh and are missing what God Truly Has for them.  That, I believe, is why most marriages only have a 50% chance – it was chosen of fleshly things and fleshly interpretations.  You see, eventually everything of the flesh falls to the ground.  He’s Shown me that God Will sometimes Orchestrate something that looks impossible, so that He Gets the Glory as He Works things out.   The point I’m trying to make without going into depth and detail, is that people have generally missed the things God Has for them.  There is a much deeper love that He Designed for you. When you know Him, you won’t have to search for “the one.”  You will never forget that moment you meet. The song was right about that.  You’ve never known love before until you meet the one God Has for you.

As in all things, lay that person you meet before The Throne of God.  Pray and ask Him, that if that person is His Choice for you, that He Will Work it all out.  But, that if it’s not, He’ll Take that person out of your life quickly.   If the feelings stay as you “surrender” that relationship to The Lord, then continue to seek The Lord.  If He Didn’t Take it away, it’s of Him. Feelings of the flesh are fickle.  Feelings that God Gives….are eternal.   Find your fullnes in The Lord first, and then wait on God to Bring that special someone to you.  Don’t ever judge them by outward appearances……look what God Placed in their heart.  Fortunes change in an instant, lives are fleeting, and we are never guaranteed tomorrow.  Don’t let true love of the God-Given kind pass you by.  God Never Makes Mistakes.  He Always Has a Greater Plan than our human minds could possibly imagine. Trust Him!


Patty Thomas

The Miracles Of Jesus Ministry





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