Who’s Been Driving Your Vehicle?

The world teaches us to be strong and independent, free-thinkers and to gain knowledge and wisdom through education and life experiences.  God Tells us to come to Him as an innocent child, simply putting our life and trust in Him.  Sooner or later, you get tired of the results of your choices and learn to be Holy Spirit Led. Imagine yourself, for a moment, as a toddler in all their innocence and sweetness, putting your hand in His.

leadRemember, humans use only a small portion of our brain’s capacity.  We cannot outthink, outdream or outdo God.  For a time, the places He Leads you may result in loss as He Strips you of your ways of thinking.  He Opens your mind, and Opens your heart.  We become less self-centered and more focused on doing what He’s Asked us to do.

The result?  Worry and anxiety leave.  We rest and trust in The Lord.  We are only responsible for what He’s Put on our plates in that moment.  It’s enough to learn to hold all thoughts captive to The Obedience of Christ, (He Was 100% Obedient.)  That means that we discern each thought to see if it is in alignment with Him and His Precepts.  He IS LOVE, Joy, Peace, Meekness, Justice, Mercy, Truth, Forgiveness, Holiness and so much more!  Any thought that doesn’t reflect HIM should be rejected, discarded, cast down and never spoken.  Let Yeshua (Jesus) Take the Wheel in your life!

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