Disasters Strike America When It Pressures Israel…This Link Will Shock You

» Does Disaster Strike America When It Pressures Israel…This Link Will Shock You.

I have a book in the works called “The Ninevah Call” that not only speaks of God’s Precision as mentioned in the article…but takes it to the next steps.  Similar to “The Harbinger” by Jonathan Cahn (we’ve spoken,) this book will amaze and astound you!


The book “How To Pray For Israel” was written during a year long burden from The Lord.  He Put me in a small room, stripped me of everything in my life, including family, and Said, “write.”  It began as a 50 page prayer guide (Blow The Trumpet In Zion,) which was born of frustrations of not being able to find such a prayer guide for Israel.  When I went to publish it, He Said, “Patty, expand it.”  The burden lifted at a little over 470 pages.  The book is the result of “taking dictation” from Holy Spirit, being Led and Guided, Counseled and Loved by Him, working often through the night.

The book has a unique premise and approach:

To cover every aspect of Israel (the people, the places, the infrastructure, the threats and more) with prayer so that the prayers form a protective shield.  There is background information so that you can pray “with understanding.”  There are prayer points, Scriptures, pictures and some suggested prayers.

2nd edition cover onlyThe book will ENLIVEN your prayers so they’ll never get stale!


Hear Patty speak of the book and the journey on Devora Clark’s radio show

on MessianicLambRadio.com

Sunday, March 9th at 8pm cst.






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