Upcoming Radio – Patty Talks Of The Journey – Unique Prayer Approach for ISRAEL

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This coming Sunday, March 9th, at 7pm est – 6pm cst,

(don’t forget changing of the clocks for daylight savings time!)

Patty will be interviewed by Devora Clark  on MessianicLAMBradio.com

Patty will be talking about the unique premise of “How To Pray For Israel”

and of the new approach to prayer for Israel, Given to her by Holy Spirit.

It was used throughout the book “How To Pray For Israel.”  

Patty talks briefly about the journey from start to finish of writing

this 470+ page prayer guide under the Tutelage, Leading and Guidance of Holy Spirit.

Over the course of a full year, The Burden of The Lord Was Strong!  Holy Spirit Guided the chapters, the arrangement, the Scriptures, the prayer points and more.  

The book is available at www.HowToPrayForIsrael.com 

Pastors have called the book “BRILLIANT!”  

Yes!  Because it is the Work of Holy Spirit through Patty as His Vessel.
The interview will touch and highlight many topics as Holy Spirit Leads.

Used by individuals, Messianic Rabbis, Pastors, Prayer Groups, Prayer Leaders, Prayer Centers, Church & Congregation Bookstores, Libraries and…..it is also an authoritative guide for the media, and your legislators!

The Miracles Of Jesus Ministry.


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