Dream of Massive Destruction In America

Two nights ago The Lord Woke me with 3 dreams.   I have been a prophetic dreamer for as long as I can remember, and I’ve seen those dreams come to pass too many times to ignore.   I will speak of one of them now.   What is written here is a combination of the dream and what The Lord Imparted to me, once I was able to settle down and write of it. His Words are quoted in red.

The dream was about massive destruction in the US.  As I surveyed the destruction, standing in the midst of it, The Lord Kept Appearing to me to Tell me to keep my eyes on Him no matter what.  Over and over again, He Would Appear and Tell me this.
The death toll was horrendous.  There were dead bodies everywhere – countless numbers of them.  More than in any previous disaster.  Great big trees 100-200 years old were broken off like toothpicks, their great trunks splintered.  There had been massive storms (more than one,) and many perished. Surveying the destruction and damage, I felt helpless to do anything about it.  He Kept Imploring me to keep my eyes on Him.  I knew I had to go and get the supplies for the mobile food kitchen and set it up somewhere  – but there was nowhere in sight that wasn’t covered with bodies and debris.  At that point, it seemed that I already had the trucks and tents and stoves, etc.  (Which I am waiting for Him to Provide.)  The damage was unspeakable.  The loss was so great that it was surrealistic.  It was shocking, and mind numbing.  I felt as if I just needed to go forward, and prepare food for those who were left.  Mechanically, that’s what I was moving to do.  With all the tornado damage we’ve seen – this was much worse.
“This destruction came about because as America does to Israel, so will destruction come back and hit American soil.  There will be wars on American shores.  America does not know war except for the few that have actually fought in combat.  The horrors of wars and great wars are on America.  She is set for destruction.  The winds will howl, the waves will roar.  The oceans will take much of the coastlines.  There are gas and oil pipeline explosions that will take many.  Some of the explosions will be so massive that you will see a separating of the continent at the point of the Mississippi River.  The explosions will set off major earthquakes. “ (I see the lands on either side of the river growing further and further apart until they are more of a distant shore than a river bank. I hear great sounds as the land is separating.  Fear and panic are widespread.  “This is why I need you to learn to keep calm.” “There will be problems in California as much of the coast disappears.  One catastrophe is going to trigger another.  Great earthquakes will be seen, such as have never been seen before on the planet.  Worse than in the days of Peleg.  A great ocean will come up between the two bodies of land.  This is to come upon us.  There is much destruction coming in not many days.” 
“You will see foreign soldiers on American soil.  The skies will ring with the fire of guns, bombs, explosives.”  (I see people running and great buildings – looks like Washington, DC, will be under siege. )  “They will try to take the Pentagon and thereby disrupt the military’s abilities to respond.  The military has other means and places to operate from, but they may not be able to act quick enough.  Some of these things will happen in a flash.  America will be caught unawares again.   The present government has done much to dismantle the military.  It was a setup by those on the inside who knew exactly what they were doing. “

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