Help Establish a Prayer Shield Over Israel!

PRAYER SHIELDGod Gave me a NEW APPROACH to prayer a couple of years ago.  He Taught me about prayer shields.  Take a bunch of grapes, and wrap them in plastic food wrap.  That will protect the fruit to a certain extent.  Now, 100 people, wrap that same bunch of grapes.  Now, 1,000 people,  and now, 10,000 people. There is now so much protective wrap on the grapes that you can’t see them.  All you can see is the wrap – the prayer shield.  THIS IS WHAT GOD WANTS US TO DO FOR EVERY ASPECT OF ISRAEL!

This book, written under a Burden of The Lord, which took a whole year,  gives you everything that needs to be covered in prayer.  It was written through great suffering, as an act of obedience.  Holy Spirit, our Ruach HaKodesh Led and Directed the chapters, research, format and more.

2nd edition cover only


$20.00 plus s/h – The book weighs over 3 pounds!

Normally $29.99 THAT'S A 33% DISCOUNT!
This is because the THREATS AGAINST ISRAEL ARE GREAT IN this hour!

 This sale corresponds with my radio interview with Devora Clark on During the interview, we cover many topics, including this book and why it is so important to The Lord.  Just go to at 6pm cst and listen in!  Holy Spirit Was PRESENT for this interview!


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