Ne-boo-chadnezzar All Over Again!

This video, from an Israeli perspective, will help you frame what has been happening in the Middle East in recent history.

God Has Set patterns all throughout The Bible. He IS The God of Precision!

One of the patterns He Sets, are types or archetypes of people, and another, of events.

We see the rise and fall of the nation of Israel due to their sin and disfavor with God.  Usually what results is the actions of some megalomaniac power and land grabbing king.  We are coming to the time of Purim, the time of Esther.  God Does things in cycles as well, often to the very day.

This video will help you gain perspectives on God’s Patterns. It will also help you with the correct pronunciation of Biblical names, such as Ne-boo-chadnezzar.  Let us learn to speak as our Messiah, Yeshua, Spoke and Still Speaks.  When He Returns, we will all be speaking Hebrew. [youtube]

htpfi-2nd cover only

Find out how to help us pray a prayer covering or shield over all of Israel on the Devora Clark show Sunday night 3/9/2014 at 6pm cst.


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