The Lord: “Iran Is About To Know My Fist!”

purim scrollI am praying for Israel at this hour.  What concerns me is that this weekend is the Feast of Purim, from the great victory that happened in the Book of Esther.  Haman was an Amalekite.  Amalek was the grandson of Esau, and carried hatred in his heart and soul towards the Israelites. Haman sought to completely annihilate the entire Jewish race, but was defeated and put to death along with his ten sons.  This took place in Persia, which is modern day Iran!  Iran now seeks to annihilate all of Israel and every Jewish person on the face of this planet!  History is repeating itself!

What concerns me the most, is that in Esther’s day, the whole situation was turned around, yielding the great victory.  It is a PRIME TIME for Iran to think that they are going to REVERSE that victory and turn Purim into a time of great mourning.  We MUST pay attention to the times!  

The celebration they had in Esther’s day became the Feast of Purim.  It starts Saturday night at sundown and goes through Sunday night at sundown.  During this time there is great celebration – one of the happiest times of the Jewish year.  Do you see?

hamantaschenI had my book “How To Pray For Israel” open, praying and crying out to God.  He Came to me and Said,

“Iran is about to know MY FIST!”  That was just a split moment after I saw a clear vision of The Lord’s Fist Coming Down HARD on Iran!  We also know that Israel has been waiting and watching for the right moment to attack Iran.  Some time ago, The Lord Said to me, that “It isn’t Israel that needs to fear Iran, but the other way around.  If Israel strikes Iran, the nations will come against her.”

That brings up another reason to pray:  That Israel use restraint, and ONLY DO as The Lord Instructs them to do.  I don’t want to “second guess” the situation, but, in reverse, Israel could use Purim to attack Iran.

All of this, doesn’t even include the rockets being fired en masse into Israel from the Gaza.  And somehow, the nations are pushing Israel to concede more land to the Palestinians???  This is just wrong!  The answers are given in my books.  Then, there is the possibility that while Israel is distracted with the rockets coming from the Gaza, that Iran would think it a prime time to attack.  There are way too many scenarios here.  Israel is in great danger.  I am calling God’s people to pray.


  • That Israel as a nation, and her legislators, Prime Minister Netanyahu and members of his cabinet all seek The Lord’s Guidance and Direction.
  • That Iran’s plans to attack and annihilate Israel be thwarted
  • That the rocket fire from Gaza will cease
  • That Israel will consider military presence in Gaza, aiding the cease fire, but ONLY as God Leads them to (this will bring consternation from the nations as well)
  • That Obama will keep his original promise of his financial support for Israel. (He cut it in half, but is giving more to the Iranians and the Palestinians)
  • That the nations will support Israel’s rights to defend herself against those who are trying to annihilate her
  • That God’s Hand Will Be Clear in Delivering His people Israel – However He Chooses to Accomplish it
  • That monies and adequate blood supplies will be available in Israel
  • That Israel will have intelligence info about other caches of weapons coming into Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Gaza or the Sinai that could be used against Israel, and that Israel will be able to intervene as they just did with the weapons shipment from Iran (who denies it!)
  • That the hearts of the Jewish people and Israelis will seek The Lord While He May Be Found
  • That they will receive Yeshua as their Messiah
  • That no Israeli or tourist will be harmed
  • That none of the ancient monuments or places will be destroyed
  • That Jerusalem will not be divided under any circumstances
  • That the children and the elderly will have angels to encompass them about
  • That God Send His angels as adversaries (Numbers 22:22) to thwart suicide bombers and other bombs on planes, airports, trains, train stations, buses, bus stations, rapid transit cars and stations, the ports, nuclear power plants, electric and gas plants, government buildings, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, universities, museums, malls, and other places people gather.

May The Lord Bless you at Purim and always!




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