Coming Headlines: Putin Invades Alaska!

russia-takes-over-alaskaThink this is “far fetched?”  Think again.  The article linked below will show you how very real this is.  There are reasons why our leadership has had a “stand down” approach to what is happening in the Crimea and Ukraine.  That’s because they are all working together.  You see, they are all 33rd degree masons – of the masonic lodges.  At the 33rd degree, they OPENLY worship lucifer.  That’s right.  So what does this mean?  Their plans are to institute one world government, eradicate Judeo-Christian beliefs (and people.) This is why we are seeing Christianity being challenged everywhere, every day, and anti-Semitism HIGHER than in pre-WWII.

First, get informed.  Then, make sure you and every member of your family is prepared spiritually.

1) They’ve asked The Lord to Be The Lord of THEIR lives, AND  repented sincerely, weepingly and completely.

2) They hold no person or God accountable for things that they’ve endured, hurts and wounds, offenses, grudges, etc.

3) They’ve forgiven EVERYONE.  Even that person who honked at you in traffic.  You heard me.

4) They make God 1st in their lives. 1st in ALL things, especially in their hearts.  That they learn to live for “an Audience of ONE.”  That they come to understand that they do not breathe without Him, and that He Is as Close as their breath.  He Monitors every thought, word, deed, inclination, judgment, etc.  We will be held responsible for ALL of it!

5) They recognize that God’s Judgment is on America, and He Will NOT Relent.  He’s Told me so.  He’s Told me to not even attempt to stay His Hand from the coming destructions through prayers.  “Thy Will Be Done.”  Why?

  • While almost all of America believes it was founded upon God and the Bible, this was a great deception.  In fact the founding fathers were satanists who dedicated these lands to lucifer.  They were masons who worshipped death, deception and lucifer.  No kidding.  I’ve been researching this for many years, because my ancestry had been involved in the masonic lodges for hundreds of years.  The buck stops here!  I love my children and grandchildren so much, that I don’t want to see them perish because of the history in this family. So, i have done extensive research.  It’s partly why I am so sold out to Yeshua, as blindly obedient to Him as I know how to be.  My life is a sacrifice for my family and for all of His people.  He Has Raised me to be a “truth teller,” recently giving me a list of well over 100 times I stood up for righteousness and justice, as an outspoken proponent of God and all that HE Stands for.  And if I perish, I perish.
  • America is pro-death not pro-life.  It has been pro-abortion for many years.  It has allowed and even forced euthanasia.  It has demanded and enforced sterilization of its people.  And, many other reasons. This is the shedding of innocent blood.
  • America has entered wars that God Never Ordained!  This, too, is the shedding of innocent blood.  Both our soldiers, innocent civilians and soldiers of foreign nations.  Do you remember that The Lord Would Tell David, or others to “go up against this nation and I Will Give them into your hands?” There are many such instances in The Bible.  But, when a nation enters wars without God’s Approval and Direction, they become spiritually responsible, and it returns upon their own heads.
  • America has withdrawn 50% of its aid to Israel which is God’s Chosen Lands and God’s Chosen people.
  • America has been the primary force behind demands that Israel give up its lands.  Every time America has done so, we’ve been hit with massive storms.  Katrina was one such example, as Israel was forced to leave the Gaza at America’s insistence.
  • America has literally kicked God out of classrooms, public buildings, the military, public forums and more.

6) Train your families and churches to “KEEP THEIR EYES ON THE LORD!”  There will be horrific atrocities!  There will be storms, explosions, earthquakes, foreign soldiers, airstrikes in America, nuclear holocaust in America.  There will be biological warfare that is geneticized to wipe out whole races!  It’s time to put the Sunday sermons aside and prepare the hearts and minds of God’s people to face what is coming. The good news…WE WIN!  Oh, we may not survive what is coming physically, but Woe to those who are behind this “new world.”

7)  Teach your families and congregations to become “unflappable.”  That is no matter what we see or hear…to firmly plant our eyes back on The Lord.  To not let our emotions hold sway.  To not descend into tears.  Start training them to not let the day to day trials upset them, but to be calm.  “BE STILL and KNOW that I Am God!”

8)  Make sure there is oil in their lamps.  Let’s not be like the virgins who didn’t take the time to see that they were FILLED with Holy Spirit.  Do you realize that we are Filled “Measure for Measure?”  We don’t just get the Baptism of Holy Spirit (different than full water baptism,) and that’s all.  No!  There are new measures, new and fresh Anointings, until we become more and more Made in the Image and Likeness of Christ!

9) Teach them to be in complete self-control at all times.  That they learn this obedience because they love The Lord because of All He Is, not out of controlling, manipulating or abuses of any kind.  Teach them WHO He Is in all His Vastness and Wonder and Power and Awe.  Yeshua IS our Example of Complete Self-Control and 100% Obedience to The Father!

Now here is the article….

I have been “set apart” with The Lord Holy Spirit for many years now.

I am available, as The Lord Leads, to travel to your churches, congregations, dinners, conferences, etc. to speak and teach these precepts and a lot more.  It’s time to prepare our hearts and minds for The Second Coming of Yeshua.  “Jesus” is the Greek name.  Yeshua Is His Real Name.

If you are interested in having me speak, I will need travel expenses and either a love offering or honorarium.


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