Bible Codes Shows Missing Malaysian Plane!

Bible Codes - flight 370You might have to listen to this video several times to pick up everything Rabbi Glazerson is saying. 
These Bible Codes come from the Book of Exodus, which is prophetic in itself!
With a little research, here are some of the words he’s found:

ha’matos = the plane

ha’malasi = the Malaysian

shenalim = missing

gannab = stealer (thief)

ganab = to get by stealing

aken = surely

“Surely it was stolen”

The date is the 2nd Adar 6 in the year 5774 = March 8, 2014

I was able to understand the Hebrew words a little better by putting on my headset.

Note:  Researching the Bible Codes AFTER an event is not divination.  It is exploring The Precision of God’s Words.

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