The Miracles Of Jesus Ministry was founded in 2000.  Since its inception, TMOJM has been involved in many areas and activities that span the globe. TMOJM has conducted 9 prayer and praise movements that have covered and affected many parts of the earth.  From raising awareness about Israel’s importance to each individual, human trafficking, and other timely issues, to truths about abortion, sexual sins and homosexuality, Patty has been used by God.  From establishing small churches in Africa to supporting outreach activities and disaster assistance at home and abroad, this ministry has helped many.

Through TMOJM Patty has taught and counseled tens of thousands on a variety of issues involving their walk with The Lord, relationships, issues regarding sexual sins, gambling, alcoholism, healing the pain of the past and more.

All the Glory is Given to God.  Patty’s motto is that she is “just dust” that He’s Breathed into and Used as His Vessel.  She is not allowed to sign autographs or allow photos.  The focus of TMOJM is on God, Yeshua(Jesus) and Holy Spirit, Their Love and Their Complete Control over all things. Patty teaches and shares her stories that span a myriad of topics.  She flows with Holy Spirit and follows His Lead closely.

As TMOJM moves forward, there are many plans laid out for helping God’s people.  The most important is the state of their soul, and their readiness for His Return.  This is not a “seeker friendly” ministry, but one that is not afraid to preach God’s Truths.

The Lord Wanted this ministry to have these focuses:

  • Reaching the lost, back-slidden and lukewarm

  • Teaching The Awe and Wonder of God

  • Teaching “everyday” Discernment of the false from the Real

    • Avoiding satanic pitfalls and snares

  • Teaching His Amazing Precision in all of Creation

    • Teaching The Precision of The Bible

  • The Importance of Israel to every person

  • Calling for people to come into holiness, repentance, reverence and respect for God

  • Preparing hearts for The Second Coming of Jesus Christ/Yeshua Ha’Maschiach

  • Inspiring people to deeper relationships with The Lord

  • Encouraging people to learn to walk like sons and daughters of God

  • Stopping for the one (person who needs your help in that moment)

  • Healing for God’s people, including extensive deliverance

  • Being “proactive” prayer warrriors

  • “Dancing” with The Lord and Learning to Follow His Lead

To contact Patty for speaking, workshops or singing: patty@pattythomas.com