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Patty intertwines real life experiences, a profound walk with The Lord, deep research and study, with the situations people face today. She has been motivating people to go to the deeper places in God for over 20 years.   

A single mom for many years, Patty went back to school midlife to finish her BS degree and go on for an MBA.  She supported her first three children without receiving child support. A serial entrepreneur, Patty also worked as many as three jobs at a time to make ends meet.

Patty combines real life experiences with The Word of God.  She teaches people how to connect with God on a nearly continual basis.  Her testimonies and stories will be the subject of many forthcoming books about her journey with The Lord.

Vibrant and gifted, Patty is in constant communication with Holy Spirit, and her steps are “well ordered by The Lord.”  She has seen many aspects of Heaven, including the table set for the Marriage Supper of The Lamb.  She has been shown the work of the angel armies and more.  Holy Spirit Taught her unusual levels of faith, obedience, trust in Him and dependence on Him for all things.  An avid researcher into ancient Judaism, her teachings have depth and bring clarity and understanding.  She believes in moving towards holiness in our personal existence. When she uses these examples in her teachings, people really “get it,” and lives are changed.

Patty writes prayer guides and “how to overcome” books as well as inspirational books filled with her testimonies.  She also writes and teaches about the inter-connectedness of all things, and ties it together with Scriptures.  One of the series of books is called “God’s Precision Timing” series, citing real events and God’s Magnificent Timing.

Most of all, Patty’s calling involves the writings, teachings and sermons to prepare people for The Second Coming of The Lord.  Her books have been called “brilliant” by many pastors, because Holy Spirit Has Directed the outlines and content of them. 

Patty brings fresh perspectives, startling clarity, amazing testimonies, astounding information and leaves people desiring to seek God for all their needs.   She has walked in signs, wonders and miracles of many kinds. 

Patty teaches about The Lord’s Feasts, and how He Is Revealed through them.

Prophetic Artist
A budding artist, Patty enjoys painting the visions The Lord Has Given about many things.  Each painting is an adventure with Holy Spirit.  The Scriptures and prophetic insights Holy Spirit Has Woven into her artwork alone will leave you astounded!     http://www.pattythomas.artistwebsites.com

Patty loves spending time with Holy Spirit in nature. He Will often Paint something through her that she didn’t know was there, until He Reveals it.
Most drawings and paintings have many Scriptures and gleanings that surprise and astound.

With 14 books in print, Patty expects to release several new titles in 2020.  She is continually researching and writing. There are four books written about Israel.
The largest and most comprehensive is “How To Pray For Israel”- 470 pages.

A prolific singer/songwriter, Patty has sung moving worship songs in many places and led worship as well.   Patty has written hundreds of songs that praise, worship, teach and touch the lives and hearts of God’s people.

Gifted Speaker and Teacher
Ask Patty to come to your church, congregation, dinner, meeting, conference or other event.  She’ll leave you laughing, crying, awestruck at God’s Power and Grace, His Mercies, Precision and Love, and begging for more….of Him!

For Speaking Engagements:  patty@pattythomas.com

“Prolific Patty” needs your help to accomplish the many things The Lord Has Laid on her heart. 

Please consider becoming a regular financial contributor to this ministry. 

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