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A visionary and strategist, Patty brings a wealth of business experience to ministry.  Patty was the Controller of multi-million dollar organizations, a Management Consultant and Serial Entrepreneur prior to her strong call to ministry.  

Patty Thomas

Patty’s experience straddles for-profit and non-profit worlds, as well as government. While raising her children, she ran her own accounting and management consulting companies.

She was the Controller of a multi-million dollar software company, and the Assistant Executive Director of a well-known nonprofit agency that ran five programs.  The programs helped those who were experiencing domestic violence, unwed and new mothers, beginning independent living, and youth caught in the justice system.  The agency had over 50 funding sources with varying reporting dates for local, state and federal grants and funding.  She rebuilt their accounting system from the ground up, uncovering almost a quarter-million dollars of invoices that prior to her employment, had not been compiled or submitted to the funding agencies by her predecessors for payment to the agency.  The nonprofit agency was in danger of losing the time to recoup those monies and was already facing severe financial difficulties.  This set them back on the proper financial footing. In the process, she streamlined many aspects of their accounting systems. 

As a grant writer, Patty designed the databases and mechanisms for a joint project between Cornell University and the University of Vermont that spanned 7 states.  Originally the project was only to connect New York and Vermont.  Patty’s vision and strategy of a regional, 7-state project gained them a $4.2 million grant that has been renewed many times over the past twenty years.  Patty designed the databases and connected agencies across the seven states. One phone call put the caller in touch with those agencies nearest to them, or most appropriate to their needs. Her article and teachings on accounting for entrepreneurs were included in a book published by Cornell University – a manual for entrepreneurs. 

Patty was one of two finalist candidates of over 400 applicants for the Assistant Controller of the YWCA at their National Headquarters in New York City.  She turned down the position as she was a single mother of four children.  The 2 1/2 hour commute each way would have required her to leave home prior to their waking and return home after they were asleep. 

Patty was also a finalist candidate for Executive Director of the Albany, NY Entrepreneurship center, a startup consortium of 25 agencies.  Perceiving a need for women in the rural environs to find additional income and pursue their dreams, Patty initiated efforts to start a Women’s Entrepreneurship center outside of Troy, NY.  

Patty worked for one of General Electric’s IT consulting divisions as a Financial Analyst.  She was flown to Washington, DC where she presented a state-of-the-art report to the President, two Vice-Presidents and managers of the division. 

She was hired by a Hispanic agency to help design and open the first bi-lingual daycare center in the Albany area of upstate New York.  After ten years of trying to get through the necessary inspections and approvals, their donated space was at the end of the agreed time period, would have been revoked.  Within 90 days Patty was able to get the center opened and operating. 

During Patty’s engagements as a Management Consultant, she streamlined the accounting departments of many nonprofit agencies, and for-profit companies.  Her work shortened audit times, and eliminated duplication of efforts, saving costs in many areas. Through forensic accounting, Patty uncovered tampered computer records and theft of IT equipment by one of the partners of an $8 million business as the partnership was being dissolved by an attorney.   Patty compiled evidence necessary in a huge presentation, for the attorney to resolve an unpaid accounts receivable in the tens of thousands.

Patty has taught workshops on numerous topics both in ministry and in the business world.  In a workshop on grant writing she dressed in top hat and tails as a magician and talked to the attendees about turning grant proposals into monies for their agencies.  She spoke at the annual meeting of the Texas Society of CPA’s on effective management.  To a “standing room only” crowd Patty entered the room dressed as a firefighter, teaching them how to have a “tops down” management approach versus “fighting fires” that arise each day. 

She’s taught on breaking down strongholds and celebrating Shabbat.  She’s been on radio and tv shows discussing Israel, “witchcraft in the church,” how to overcome sexual sins and other topics.  She’s led Facebook Live prayer gatherings when immediate intercession was needed in world affairs, and those that concern Israel.  Patty’s creativity flows through every area of her work and ministry, with all credit going to Ruach HaKodesh, Holy Spirit! 

Patty taught Accounting as a Teaching Assistant at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. She taught accounting at Maria College in Albany, NY as an adjunct instructor.  She has run for local election as a Town Councilwoman, been a PTA President, and Girl Scout Brownie leader. 

A mother of four children and grandmother of fourteen, Patty went back to school midlife with three young children and no child support, often working three jobs to keep the family going.  She will one day take the time to complete the last three courses for her MBA in Entrepreneurship and Management of Technology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  Patty holds a BS degree in Economics/Accounting, and an AAS in Business Administration. 

In 1999, The Lord Woke Patty with a vibrant dream of ministry.
Over the next 4 years He Removed Patty from her business career and gave her a lifelong mission of serving Him and His Kingdom.  Then He Instructed her to move 1000 miles away from her home to Nashville, TN, where she lived for 15 years.

He Has Brought together the creative gifts and talents that had lain dormant for many years as she raised her family.  There are quite a number of books, projects and teachings in the works.  A dedicated prayer warrior, Patty has witnessed many, many miracles and instances of Divine Intervention. 

Highly prophetic, Patty has counseled and mentored tens of thousands over the past 20 years of ministry. She has advised Presidents and Prime Ministers.  Patty has learned to make God the “God of Every Moment,” practices “instant obedience without question,” and walks in purity before The Lord.  Her life, is a life laid down and totally surrendered, and filled with unspeakable joy. She hopes to build entrepreneurship centers, orphanages and safe houses for those whose lives have been stolen through the sex trafficking industry in many nations.  There are other even greater projects waiting for funding and staffing. This, is just the beginning!

“Prolific Patty” needs your help to accomplish the many things The Lord Has Laid on her heart. 

Please consider becoming a regular financial contributor to this ministry.  The proceeds of books and other ministry products goes completely to sustaining and expanding the work of the ministry.

Thank you so very much!

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