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Let’s Go Go…..Radio!

Let’s Go, Go……RADIO!  I will be on the “Cuppa Shebrews” radio program this Wednesday, February 26th from 11am to 12am cst. We’ll be talking about many things, including the book “How To Pray For Israel.”  My walk is quite unusual, having been set apart and led by Holy Spirit for many years.  It’s been a tough walk, but the things He’s Taught me are PRICELESS! Normally the book costs $29.99, but for this show and a couple of days afterward, […]

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No way, no how would I ever attend a “prophetic activation.”  These are NOT of God!  “Activations” are something that is done in Egyptian mysticism, and opens the being for further demonic infiltration.  That is the culture of death, not life!  This is along the lines of “balancing chakras” which also opens the being for infiltration.  This,  together with the practice of yoga, comes directly out of the Hindu Vedas, their “bible.”  It should be avoided by every true Christian. […]

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This comes up over and over again.  This is NOT from God, but from the demonic.  Where in The Bible Does Jesus Manifest jewels?  Fish and bread yes, to feed the hungry.  A coin in the fishes’ mouth, yes.  But no jewels. The church today is pursuing the supernatural in unprecedented ways. They are getting the supernatural, but it’s not of God.  He Doesn’t Want people focused on things of this earth, but on Him and the things of Heaven! […]

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Everything in me now KNOWS….

Everything in me now KNOWS…. We are heading into THE FINAL PREPARATIONS for our Soon Coming King. Last night, in His Presence and the company of His angels, He Imparted things to me.  He Gave Direction for coming weeks and months.  He Is Putting things in place and Sending people to help me become situated to finish the work He’s Given me.   All of the puzzle pieces are now falling in place on this earth.  193 nations voted against Israel.  […]

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Aliens/Extraterrestrials are Really Demon Spirits? :: Christian Post iPost

Very interesting!  This is what Holy Spirit Showed me many years ago. In fact, I was warned that there may be a “false rapture.”  “Beam me up, Scotty” may one day become a reality as some people expect that extraterrestrials will come to “help save a dying planet” by offering to “lift people” off of the earth into their infamous “starship enterprise.”  🙂 Let’s look at what The Bible Says: The Lord Was Seen to Walk the earth in the […]

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