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Japan Has Jewish Ancestry!

At the time of the tsunami and earthquake in Japan, I wrote a small book about God’s Precision Timing surrounding those event.  Through the research process, I came across much information about Shintoism.  They worship ancestors.  I didn’t publish it yet, because I knew there would be more information to research and write.  Even today,  as we watch the oceans poisoned by the nuclear fallout, we wait to see the final outcome. One city of 70,000 was decimated by the […]

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Bible Codes Shows Missing Malaysian Plane!

You might have to listen to this video several times to pick up everything Rabbi Glazerson is saying.  These Bible Codes come from the Book of Exodus, which is prophetic in itself! With a little research, here are some of the words he’s found: ha’matos = the plane ha’malasi = the Malaysian shenalim = missing gannab = stealer (thief) ganab = to get by stealing aken = surely “Surely it was stolen” The date is the 2nd Adar 6 in […]

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