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Patty Thomas Radio Interview March 9th – Messianic Lamb Radio

Patty will be taping another radio interview on Sunday, 3/2/2014 for Messianic Lamb Radio.  It will be aired on Sunday, March 9th at 7pm.  Look for further announcements.   So much has been happening!  No matter how prepared I tried to be for the last interview, I got off on the wrong foot and tripped on my tongue when asked to describe myself and the ministry to the listening audience. So, I put together this information which will also help […]

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Patty Thomas Interview on Hebrew Nation’s Cuppa Shebrews radio show

If you missed hearing Patty speak on the Cuppa Shebrews radio show, check this out!  You can download the podcast for a limited time. http://hebrewnationonline.com/blog/hebrew-nation-morning-show-cuppa-shebrews-02262014/ www.howtoprayforIsrael.com www.LustBusters.com

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Iran is Preparing to Annihilate Israel | Israel Video Network

PLEASE PRAY FOR ISRAEL! This video should tell you everything you need to know. Every man, woman and child in Israel is in severe danger. Iran is Preparing to Annihilate Israel | Israel Video Network. God Gave me a NEW APPROACH to prayer a couple of years ago. He Taught me about prayer shields. Take a bunch of grapes, and wrap them in plastic food wrap. That will protect the fruit to a certain extent. Now, 100 people, wrap that […]

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