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The Lord: “Iran Is About To Know My Fist!”

I am praying for Israel at this hour.  What concerns me is that this weekend is the Feast of Purim, from the great victory that happened in the Book of Esther.  Haman was an Amalekite.  Amalek was the grandson of Esau, and carried hatred in his heart and soul towards the Israelites. Haman sought to completely annihilate the entire Jewish race, but was defeated and put to death along with his ten sons.  This took place in Persia, which is […]

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Iran is Preparing to Annihilate Israel | Israel Video Network

PLEASE PRAY FOR ISRAEL! This video should tell you everything you need to know. Every man, woman and child in Israel is in severe danger. Iran is Preparing to Annihilate Israel | Israel Video Network. God Gave me a NEW APPROACH to prayer a couple of years ago. He Taught me about prayer shields. Take a bunch of grapes, and wrap them in plastic food wrap. That will protect the fruit to a certain extent. Now, 100 people, wrap that […]

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Lebanon Fires Rockets At Israel

Just this past week, Israel was attacked by the peoples of the Gaza Strip – again.  The Iron Dome defense system protected the peoples of Israel, who responded in kind.  Now, for the first time in quite awhile, Lebanon has sent rockets into northern Israel.  One Israeli soldier had died from gunshot wounds near the Israel/Lebanon border.  This is not a good sign.  It shows an escalation of war, and a taunting of Israel.  More, Iran is close to having […]

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