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Let’s Go Go…..Radio!

Let’s Go, Go……RADIO!  I will be on the “Cuppa Shebrews” radio program this Wednesday, February 26th from 11am to 12am cst. We’ll be talking about many things, including the book “How To Pray For Israel.”  My walk is quite unusual, having been set apart and led by Holy Spirit for many years.  It’s been a tough walk, but the things He’s Taught me are PRICELESS! Normally the book costs $29.99, but for this show and a couple of days afterward, […]

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FREE! FREE! FREE READERS for ebooks! Use Sochi Olympic Prayer Guide on your computer!

If you don’t have a way to read ebooks, great news!  You can download them for FREE to your computer, ipad, or mobilecell phone! Once you have a way to read the ebooks, then you can purchase ebooks, or sometimes even get free ones! BE READING AND PRAYING WITH THE SOCHI PRAYER GUIDE IN MINUTES! Click here for Barnes and Noble free ereaders   then, purchase the Sochi Olympics Prayer Guide on Barnes & Noble Nook Click here for Amazon.com free […]

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Woo Hoo! This book is being persecuted for its content! Sochi Olympics Prayer Guide!

Amazingly, The Lord Had me publish this book twice!  One, to be listed under “prayer books,” and the other, to be listed under “sports-Olympics.” Last night I got an email that they removed the first one from Amazon and other sales channels!   I am sure it has to do with the teaching of the paganism of the Olympics, and of teaching deliverance!  I told you I’ve been being buffeted very strongly.  Right now, there is still the 2nd guide, a […]

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Oh, there is war in the Heavenlies!  The Islamist extremists are praying for an earthquake in Sochi! ARE YOU WITH US???? EVERY MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD TO THE BATTLE FRONT! OKAY, PRAY! Olympics-Islamist group calls for prayers for earthquake in Sochi – chicagotribune.com. Print Version: www.pattythomas.com  and www.amazon.com Amazon’s Kindle Version:  www.amazon.com Barnes & Noble’s Nook Version:  www.barnesandnoble.com Working on the other versions now!  Sleep!  The girl needs sleep!

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THREATS For Sochi….Very Real! Need YOUR Prayers! Videos!

The Sochi Olympics are not on our back door step.  Many feel removed from them as if that should not be the focus of their time and prayer efforts.  Just because Sochi is many time zones away, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to pray. God IS Listening! Every prayer added, is one more blanket of prayer covering added. The importance, the efficacy and the mechanisms of prayer coverings and prayer shields are all explained in the prayer guide for […]

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satan has buffeted me much BUT…Sochi OLYMPICS Prayer Guide NOW on Amazon!

OVER 200 PAGES, NEATLY ORGANIZED AND USER FRIENDLY! Order the ebook, electronic edition at Amazon’s Kindle for $4.99 Most readers, such as IPad and NOOK have an app available so you can read the Kindle files. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IEXRHPQ Printed copy will be on Amazon within the next day of so, at $9.99. THIS BOOK WILL STILL BE RELEVANT FOR: THE OLYMPICS IN SOCHI &  ANYWHERE THE PARAOLYMPICS IN SOCHI, THE WORLD CUP SOCCER TOURNAMENT, THE G8 SUMMIT IN SOCHI, GRAND PRIX […]

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Terrorist Threats Increased in Sochi Olympics

Listening to Candy Crowley and Janet Napolitano on CNN, it seems thee are new and high threats regarding the Olympic Games. THE LORD:   “These threats are going to increase in coming days.  My people are in a lot of danger from opposing forces.”   EVERYTHING IN AND ABOUT THE SOCHI AREA MAKES IT A HUGE TARGET FOR EXTREME TERRORISM The Olympics are being held in and around a war zone where multiple terrorist attacks have continued over quite a […]

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Sochi Olympics Prayer Guide! WORD FROM THE LORD!

SOCHI PRAYER GUIDE NOW AVAILABLE! This guide written under a Burden From The Lord – there is danger of multiple explosions and massive deaths. I’ve worked nearly round the clock to get this done. It gives you specifics and background, prayer points and Scriptures, history and more! SOCHI OLYMPICS PRAYER GUIDE A couple of weeks ago, The Lord Gave a Word regarding the Sochi Olympics.  He Said there was great danger of massive and multiple explosions in and around Sochi.  […]

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SOCHI OLYMPICS PRAYER GUIDE ALMOST DONE! You will be amazed.  Worked all night until 4am and all day again today, so far, and of course several days before that! The Lord Has Taken me through all sorts of information to get at the core issues in Sochi, Russia. Sochi has been a hotbed of activities including slave trade and repeated genocides. Oh, there’s more. You will want to see this!   There is great danger of another genocide during these Olympic […]

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The Lord’s Word: Dangers for Sochi Olympics

Several days ago, The Lord Asked me to alert people to pray for the safety of those attending the Sochi Olympics.  Now, the news media is broadcasting different threats every day. PLEASE PUT THE SERMONS ASIDE FOR THIS SUNDAY’S SERVICES! PLEASE ASK YOUR CONGREGATION TO STAND TOGETHER  AS THE BODY OF CHRIST IN PRAYERS! What are we?  How can we call ourselves followers of Christ, if we know what to do and don’t do it? Why are people sitting in […]

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