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Learn! What the mikveh can teach us.

Learn! Here is a ritual mikveh (bath) that was discovered in Jerusalem. The word “mikveh” means “collection of water.” As you will see here, the water must be from a natural source as rain or from springs. The priests would have to bathe before serving in The Temple. There were stated times that ritual baths were required for all people. Normal activities, and other activities could render a person ritually impure. Examples are giving birth, after menstruation, illnesses, and more. […]

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For Our Friends in Israel – Tent of Mercies

Tent of Mercies As I was praying for Israel today, The Lord Gave me this message for the peoples of Israel.  I saw a vision of Him Holding Open the door of a large white tent.  He Called it “The Tents of Mercy.” “I Am Opening up the Tent of Mercies for My people.  They are to come in under the Shelter of My Wing Where I Will Protect them and Succour them.  Tell them this.” Psalm 17:8-9 8 Keep me […]

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We are in the 49 Days of Counting the Omer

We are in the days of “Counting the Omer” which began on Passover.  Yesterday (Sunday 4/20) was day 6.   After you become familiar with this, you can go back and catch up the other 5 days, and forward for day 7.  Christians are used to the pagan feasts of Easter, Christmas and more.  The Feasts of The Lord will seem strange until you immerse yourself.  Don’t just get your feet wet!  Learn about them!  Holy Spirit Reveals things that are […]

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Rabbi Yeshua

This is what The Miracles Of Jesus Ministry teaches: The Jewishness of Rabbi Yeshua, Whom Christians call Jesus Christ. Jesus is the name given to Him in the Greek language. It’s not His real Name. Back in 2003 when He Moved me to Tennessee, I started studying many aspects of Judaism. I’m not advocating that you join Judaism. I can tell you that when we started observing the Friday night Sabbath, He Showed up. Sometimes, no one could speak. His […]

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‘Dirty Jew, Go Home to Israel:’ Jewish Girl in France Attacked by Arab Mother and Daughter |

‘Dirty Jew, Go Home to Israel:’ Jewish Girl in France Attacked by Arab Mother and Daughter | Jewish & Israel News Algemeiner.com. But, wait a minute!  Aren’t the Arabs saying that Israel is NOT THE HOME of the Jewish people???? Jews are being forced out of Venezuela, and out of the Ukraine.  Anti-Semitism is higher now, than when Hitler came to power. WHERE THE JEWISH PEOPLE ARE CONCERNED, YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO: LOOK DOWN UPON SPEAK BADLY ABOUT MISTREAT CAUSE […]

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HE’S COMING! And He’ll Wait for NO Man.

We are entering the final countdown, where every moment left on earth is precious. How we use them will make all the difference. Have we hurt or injured others with our words and actions? Make it right. Have we altered the course of another’s life for the good or for the bad? Make it right. Have we stolen something? Make it right. Have we ignored the Sabbath rest? Make it right. Have we reached out to people in Yeshua/Jesus’ Name? […]

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Disasters Strike America When It Pressures Israel…This Link Will Shock You

» Does Disaster Strike America When It Pressures Israel…This Link Will Shock You. I have a book in the works called “The Ninevah Call” that not only speaks of God’s Precision as mentioned in the article…but takes it to the next steps.  Similar to “The Harbinger” by Jonathan Cahn (we’ve spoken,) this book will amaze and astound you! Meanwhile, PRAY FOR ISRAEL! The book “How To Pray For Israel” was written during a year long burden from The Lord.  He […]

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PRAY-A-THON for Sochi Olympics Safety & More

A couple of weeks ago, The Lord Gave me a Word about the terrorist threats surrounding the Sochi Olympics.  They are already beginning.  He Said that there could be multiple explosions and significant loss of life.  Any loss is significant to those who loved them. PRAYER CHANGES THINGS! We’ve just come through prayer for the Super Bowl.  I was not the only one who saw angels present.  Reports came in about the peace that encompassed the Super Bowl.  Praise God!  […]

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Prophetic Message: Cross Survives Fire!

Recently, a Cross erected in California survived the wildfires that ravaged the entire area.  This is a symbolic, prophetic message to the world. The fire destroyed 1800 acres of land.  Let’s dissect that number and see what God Is Prophetically Saying.  You see, God IS Quite Precise. The number 18 is highly symbolic itself.  It denotes “new beginnings”  in Judaism. Eighteen is 2 x 9. Two is God’s Number for bearing witness.  There are the two witnesses of Revelations Think […]

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Is Your City Spiritually Dead?

Seeing this graphic, it is no wonder to me now, WHY The Lord Moved me from the Albany, Schenectady, Troy region of upstate New York to Nashville, TN 10 years ago. I didn’t understand it at the time, and it caused deep, deep depression and excruciating pain.  In so doing, I had to leave my two grown daughters, and my eldest grandchild at the time.  I also left the only home I’d ever owned .  As a single mom, it […]

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The Lord’s Word: Dangers for Sochi Olympics

Several days ago, The Lord Asked me to alert people to pray for the safety of those attending the Sochi Olympics.  Now, the news media is broadcasting different threats every day. PLEASE PUT THE SERMONS ASIDE FOR THIS SUNDAY’S SERVICES! PLEASE ASK YOUR CONGREGATION TO STAND TOGETHER  AS THE BODY OF CHRIST IN PRAYERS! What are we?  How can we call ourselves followers of Christ, if we know what to do and don’t do it? Why are people sitting in […]

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