Ask Patty to come to your church, congregation, dinner, meeting, conference or other event.  A gifted speaker, Patty moves with Holy Spirit continually.  This is a woman who has experienced a 180 degree turnaround from The Lord.  She’s been privileged with a deep and abiding relationship with Him.  More than just teachings about the content of published books, Patty will inspire, delight and challenge listeners to go deeper.  She has experienced Heaven  many  times.  She’s seen The Table Set and Ready for The Marriage Supper of The Lamb and more.

The founder of the annual Worldwide Waves Of Praise Movement on Christmas Day with people in 193 countries participating.  Yet, to date less than $300 has been spent over the entire five years of its existence!  That’s God! This Christmas will be the 6th annual Waves Of Praise.  Help us spread this movement!

ne bannerwopThree years ago, under The Lord’s Direction, Patty started the annual Super  Bowl Prayer Party.  We pray for and do mass deliverance on the people in the stadium, those watching and specifically pray against human trafficking worldwide.  God Has Done Great Things!  Read about them:

superbowlprayer party Author of 12 books, with over 40 more currently underway and at various stages of completion.  The Lord often Has Patty put a book down and later Reveals deeper levels of understanding before finishing it for publishing.

Coming soon is a series of books regarding God’s Precision in all things, and collections of stories of what it is like to walk in The Spirit of God.  There will be a line of books that tell the many stories of Patty’s experiences with The Lord, of going to Heaven and being shown many things, and of times He Has Revealed the work of His angels and angel armies.  They have saved her from many threatening situations.
Patty teaches about the Awe, Wonder, and Incredible Precision of our God.  She teaches about the interconnectedness of all things, and ties it together with Scriptures.  An avid researcher, she’s been to several Synagogues, Messianic Congregations and various denominational and non-denominational Christian churches.
A prophetic artist, Patty enjoys painting the visions The Lord Has Given about many things.  (See the slide show on the home page.)  A partistrolific singer/songwriter, Patty has sung many places and led worship as well.  Patty has written hundreds of songs.

Contact for speaking: